9 June 2016 (Thursday) - A Slow Worm

I stopped off at Morrisons on my way to work last night. As I stocked up for the night I saw they were knocking out lemonade in two-litre bottles for seventeen pence. Seventeen pence !
I got some - it wasn't *that* bad.
Yesterday I was somewhat sarcastic about the nice man whose job it is to review what I'd set up for the August geo-meet. The chap had queried whether I had selected the right location; I intimated that picnics are usually held in fields. In retrospect I didn't actually say "dur!" but I rather implied it. Imagine my embarrassment when someone else queried the location last night and I realised I was wrong and I'd actually published directions to the wrong field.
I grovelled somewhat....

On my way home this morning I had a rather odd experience. I thought I might pop in to the pond shop (South View Koi) as it is on my way home. I turned my car off the road in to the place only to find it has gone. There is now a fence shop where it once was.
I phoned them only the other day. I wonder what happened there.

I came home to find "Furry Face TM" was still in bed. He soon got up when he got wind of a walk, and we went through Bowens Field to the park. OrangeHead was holding court near the swings; it is amazing how she manages to block the entire path with her little gang of friends.
With walk walked "Furry Face TM" had his brekkie and I spent half an hour pulling weeds out of the garden's gravelled areas. As I worked I found a little slow worm. Fudge found him fascinating.
I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but there is always tomorrow. A quick shower, then I took myself off to bed.

I got off to sleep but was woken by the seemingly endless phone calls. I really should unplug the house phone when I next try to get some sleep during the day. It's not as though anyone ever rings the landlline other than people trying to sell us stuff.

I suppose I got four hours' sleep. I woke to a message from Cheryl who'd been to the vet's. Apparently they'd cancelled all of my dog's policies. I phoned them and we had the usual confusion because he was first registered under Cheryl's name and it is not possible to transfer him to my name... except that one of the staff tried and managed it with one of the policies. The nice lady one the phone said that it would make sense if all the policies were in my name. I took a deep breath and pointed out that I've been saying that for the three and a half years that he's been with us.
I've been trying to pinpoint exactly when he came to stay with us. Looking back it seems he was shared between "My Boy TM" and us on and off for a while; a blog post from July 2012 makes interesting reading. Did I ever say I never wanted a dog?

I then spent a little while making preparations for August's geo-meet and the new cache series I plan to hide. Bearing in mind how comprehensively I stuffed up organising a location for a picnic I'd really better take care on what I'm doing. I wrote a few (twenty) cache descriptions; the sort of thing to which you'd nortmally never give a second's thought. A trivial little task that took about an hour and a half.

I'm now off to the night shift. Via the vets to sort out this paperwork...

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