8 June 2016 (Wednesday) - Challock

Last night just as I'd uploaded yesterday's blog entry I got an email. I'd got the thumbs-down on the geo meet that I was hoping to stage on Challock ViIllage Green (in the middle of a field). In the instructions that I had written I'd said "blah blah blah... Meet up at the listed co ordinates from mid-day ... Bear in mind that this is the village green..."
I'd had my meeting turned down because of a perceived problem with the location. The email I got which listed the problem with what I'd organised said "can you check the coordinates as the event appears to be in the middle of a field".
I sent back a message saying that the location was correct. I didn't mention that the middle of a field was a traditional place for a picnic; I didn't want to labour the point.

The morning's haul of emails brought one from the South East Group of Astronomical Societies. They've got what looks like a rather good weekend conference coming up. However it is only five weeks away. It clashes with a stag do and with Pug Fest (!) Surely this event was planned some time ago; why are we only hearing about it now?

I had planned to go Wheri-testing and planning out a new geo-walk around Challock today, Despite the heavy rain overnight I decided to go ahead with my plans. The mud was quite thick, but the Wherigo worked well. It needs minor tweaks, but found somewhere for the end-point so that worked well.
As for planning the geo-walk...
I shall be positive. I had a route in mind. I followed that route. It (mostly) works. However there are a couple of places where there may be issues. At one point although the footpath is well marked, the crops are over head high and the footpath through the crops isn't as wide as it might be. The crops were very wet from last night's rain and consequently I got soaked as I walked through.
And there is another point where the footpath is well signposted, and after a hundred yards it is obvious where the footpath goes. tanding at the top of the hill looking down you can see where the footpath goes off into the distance. But the footpath is not at all obvious for the first hundred yards.
I've given the matter some thought. Geocaching requires a certain level of being able to use maps and GPS units. If people *seriously* have issues with this two hiccups then they really should question if they might not be better off taking up flower arranging.

We got back to the car sooner than I tought we might - I found twenty potential places to hide tupperware over a route of just under five miles. We were walking for two and a half hours.

Once home "Furry Face TM" had a bath. When I am out and about usually take some photos; today was no exception. Once I'd posted those photos on-line I took myself off to bed for the afternoon despite next door's clanging on their infernal piano. She has been practicing at it for ten years and has shown absolutely no improvement whatsoever in that time.

I slept for a couple of hours until my phone woke me with a message that the internet provider's bill was ready to view. I wish they wouldn't send those messges. I tried to get back to sleep but it wasn't happening. So I got up and made all the required changes to my new wherigo and started looking at what I shall need to get together to organise this geo-series.

I'm off to the night shift now....

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