22 June 2016 (Wednesday) - Wiltshire?

I got rather cross over brekkie. Absolutely anything happening in our street provokes Rolo into a frenzy of barking. And when he starts woofing Fudge feels he has to join in. Consequently I spent the best part of an hour telling dogs to shut up.
In between shouting at dogs I had a look-see on-line. Needless to say tomorrow's referendum was on everyone's mind. After so many months of campaigning to an electorate which (in the large part) hasn't the faintest idea what is going on, I'm getting a little sick of it now. It rather bothers me that money and racism are being given (by both sides) as the main reasons to stay and/or leave. And it seriously bothers me that the third most popular answer given when the public are asked why they are voting a certain way (I won't say which way it is) is that all their friends are voting that way.
I would ask that people spend an hour or so doing a little research, and that if you honestly thing that the UK is better off in the EU then vote to stay. If you honestly thing that the UK is better off out of the EU then vote to leave. And if you honestly don't know, then don't vote. Maybe spoil your ballot paper as a protest perhaps, but don't vote if you haven't a clue what is going on.

I then took the dogs for a walk. Oh it was frustrating. One dog would squeeze out a drop of tiddle. The other dog would then have to sniff it for thirty seconds then squeeze out a drop of tiddle on top. The first dog then had to sniff it for another thirty seconds before adding more tiddle. And so it would go on until I chivvied them forward. We would go maybe ten yards befre repeating the performance. This conitued until Fudge decided to join in with a group of dog walkers going the other way and refused to come back when called. I saw red at that point, put both dogs on their leads and frogmarched them home.

I settled them down and set off to work. I stopped off at Bybrook Barn to have a look at the stuff I shall need for the garden's forthcoming makeover. It looks like I will need to spend about fifty quid on materials to make the shingled areas good again. That's about fifty quid more than I wanted to shell out. I thought I'd do a price comparison so I had a look in HomeBase as well. Substantially the same stuff would cost about twenty quid more there.
Bybrook Barn it is then.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing Annabel Croft who was banging the drum that women's tennis doesn't get as much coverage as men's tennis. Having absolutely no interest in tennis whatsoever I thought it was something of a waste of air-time, but what do I know ?

Just as I was about to start work my phone beeped. The astro club had got an email; there is a competition to win the chance of a dirty weekend away in Wiltshire. All you have to do is.... join the astro club. I'm not telling the world about this competition because that would scupper my chances. I quite fancy a dirty weekend away in Wiltshire. I've told the membership about the competition by email. One of the things we need to do with the astro club is check just how up-to-date the email list is. The more out-of-date the better for my chances of a dirty weekend away in Wiltshire.

All I need is someone who's up for a dirty weekend away in Wiltshire. If all else fails I shall take "er indoors TM"

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