25 June 2016 (Saturday) - Rain, Airport Run

A restless night; I gave uo trying to sleep just before 6am and got up. I nearly fell down the stairs as I tripped over Rolo who was fast asleep half way down the stairs.
I spent a few minutes having a look on social media. The aftermath of the referendum is still reverbarating. Of the people I know personally, several who voted out were now vocally wishing they'd voted in. Some who'd not voted at all were ranting about the result seemingly oblivious to the fact that they should have actually voted. Others who'd not voted at all (and some who'd voted remain) were ranting about the failure of the opinion polls because they'd missed the chance to be on the winning side.
Perhaps most worrying is that some people with whom I'd worked for years no longer feel safe in the streets, and I am very concerned that one chap actually left the astro club's Facebook page because (to quote what he posted) "I now feel unsafe in this country (I have autism amongst other less serious conditions) as the UKIP / Brexit mob beleive people like me are not employable or even worthy of basic rights."
There are those who might sympathise with this view and there are those who would dismiss it. However it is clearly the honest feeling of some people for whom I can vouch. How many others feel the same? I am pretty sure that the family friend who has been assaulted in my own town by Brexiters for daring to voice a different opinion would agree. I wonder if future historians will record these details?

I had the usual haul of rubbish emails. LinkedIn spouted its usual irrelevant drivel with adverts for jobs in which I had no interest whatsoever, and Google was emailing me to tell me what was in my diary for the weekend. I did have an email from "All About Space" magazine offering me (and any members of the astro club) a cheap subscription. I forwarded the email to the astro club membership, but I shan't be taking up their offer. I don't see what they can offer that I can't already get free with two minutes on Google News.

I loaded up the car and set off to Shadoxhurst. The astro club was putting on a show for the Scouts' dog show and fete. Having the event shelter I felt I ought to get there early as we needed to get that up first. I arrived, and was very soon set up. I moved my car to the designated car park, and as I was walking back past the beer tent I jokingly asked if they were open. They offered me a pint; I took it, and went back to out stall. I then spent a rather good ten minutes enjoying that pint whilst watching the world go by.

Everyone soon arrived and it wasn't long before telescopes were all over the place. We got the solar scopes focussed up on the sun (in between the clouds) and talked astro to the passers-by (including the Mayor). We had a light shower, but it soon passed. And once the sun came out again I had a rather good chili wrap and a pint of red top. Another shower, more sun, more talking astro.... and then the heavens opened. Torrential rain, thunder, lightning and half an hour of the worst hail I think I have ever known. The ground became waterlogged, and then flooded. When the rain finally abated we packed up the wet gear and went home.
I took some photos whilst we were out. You can see them by clicking here.

Once home I stuck the wet stuff into the shed. I shall see about drying that out later. I put my trainers in the tumble drier; I think they are now fit for the dustbin but I'm hoping they can be salvaged. They are only a month old. I had a shower, and then sat down. For all that I had really enjoyed the fun in the rain at the dog show it was good to be warm and in the dry.
I then wrestled with my phone. I think some of the rain got into the thing today; it doesn't seem to be quite right. It seems to be having a problem with charging (in that it doesn't). I've had a look on Google; Google says to dry it out and hope for the best. There isn't much else I can do with it really.

"er indoors TM" came home, made the coffee and took the wolf pack for a walk. I didn't fancy going with them. If nothing else my shoes were still awash. So I had a cuppa and a slice of cake whilst I waited for them to return.

Once they were home we settled the dogs and went out to play. Today was a geo-calendar day and was also the day came back from holiday. So needing to go to Gatwick Airport to collect him we made a sligt diversion to Guildford for geo-purposes. There was one virtual geocache there I'd had me eye on for some time for Jasmer pruposes (don't ask!). Whilst in the area we thought we'd try three other caches. We found one of them. I am quite sure the others have gone.
We had a rather good bit of curry at Cobham services then made our way to the airport. I've never been to collect anyone from the arrivals department at Gatick before. It was quite an adventure watching everyone. And "er indoors TM" discovered that a packet of Polos is thirty pence cheaper in Boots there than it is in WH Smiths.
We waited for just under an hour, "My Boy TM" and his crew arrived. We paid twelve pounds (each!) to get out of the car park and set off home. As we'd driven up the weather had been awful and we'd seen two serious accidents on the M26. We headed home to find the M26 closed. Somewhat inconvenient... by the time we'd detoured and taken people home I got into bed just after 2am...

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