11 June 2016 (Saturday) - Get Outdoors Day

Despite having done two night shifts I was still wide awake before 5am this morning. Over a spot of brekkie (shared with my dog) I watched "This is England 86"; all of the "This is England" series have recently appeared in the box sets sections on my SkyPlus box. Today's episode was actually set on June 11 1986; *exactly* thirty years ago to the day. I quite liked the program; it was only marred by the fact that when "Lol" got out of bed the soles of her feet were absolutely black. Clearly she'd not really just had a "romp" but had actually been walking round on a rather grubby studio floor. I've noticed this quite a bit on the telly. Watch any character getting out of bed on any show or film - the soles of their feet are often black. Who *really* goes to bed with such filthy trotters?

Before I left home I quickly checked my emails. I had a friend request on Facebook from Tracey StripesBarbers Watkins. Judging by the mutual friends we have in common it looks like she's a relative of some sort... If any of my loyal readers know who Tracey StripesBarbers Watkins"might be please let me know.

I set off to work just before 6.30am. I wasn't pleased about this; I originally had plans for the day. EI had arranged a geo-event for today but I was told earlier in the week that due to sickness there was a problem covering today's day shift. My innate sense of professionalism came to the fore and so I abandoned my plans and said I'd cover the shift. I'm good like that.

Mind you today was "Get Outdoors Day" so I really had to go locate some Tupperware before work. I made a quick find in a location where I'd previously drawn a blank, then headed off to work. As I drove I was tail-ended by some twit on a motorbike. For the entire way from Hythe to Canterbury this idiot remained a few yards behind my car. When I slowed to let him pass so he slowed too; when I speeded up so he speeded up. Always keeping the same (far too close) distance between us.
And people wonder why motorcyclists get involved in such horrific accidents.

Today was also World Gin Day. If I hadn't been working I could have been part of a rather stupendous booze up.

I got to work and did my bit. There's no denying that I spent much of today sulking. I had made plans for today and didn't like cancelling them. But the time passed quickly enough, and as the day wore on so the rain started. Perhaps not the best of days to have been out and about.
It was soon home time. I whinged my discontent at the poor girl who was my relief and drove homewards. It had stopped raining...

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