7 January 2015 (Wednesday) - A Day Off

I woke this morning with the feeling of pressure on my chest. I opened my eyes very slightly to see "Furry Face TM" laying on me with his nose not six inches from mine. I feigned sleep for as long as I could fool him, and for ten minutes or so he continued to watch me in hawk-like fashion. But the moment I let slip that I wasn't asleep he embarked on a licking frenzy.
I was somewhat amazed to find it was nearly 8.30am; I'd woken over two hours later than usual. but I had no real reason to be up early. Today was a day's holiday. I didn't really need or want the day off but bearing in mind it's "use it ot lose it", I used it.

After a swift bit of brekkie I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. It was a cold day; we took the back streets to Singleton Lake where he stole another dog's ball, and then as we came home through the park he picked a fight with the various hounds of OrangeHead's hangers-on.

Once home I put laundry into the washing machine and popped round to B&Q. As I went to pay for my light bulbs, a rather obnoxious old git (in B&Q uniform) was having a serious row with a customer. From what I could see the customer was clearly in the right, and the old git (in B&Q uniform) wasn't accustomed to being in the wrong. As the customer stormed off in disgust, the old git (in B&Q uniform) shouted "Bloody ignorant" after her. In a spirit of wickedness I told the chap that if he was going to be openly obnxious it's not a good idea to do so in works uniform with his name badge obviously on display. He then started ranting again; knowing that my work was done I left before his blood pressure hit quadruple figures.

I hadn't been home long when the door bell rang. Postie had delivered my new shoes. He asked if I'd take a parcel for the nutty neighbours. and before I could say anything he said that if he were in my position he wouldn't do anything for them. He then told me that he's sick of trying to deliver to them; he knocks on the door and can see them inside watching him through the window but refusing to answer his knocking.
Postie then went on his way without waiting for my answer. Not that I would have taken their parcel anyway.

I then planned to spend an hour or so working on my next Wheri-project. I actually spent six hours on it; the time just flew by. And with "er indoors TM" off candle-mongering I settled downn in front of the telly with my dog and watched the last two episodes (so far) of "Game of Thrones". The penultimate one was crap; fifty minutes of fighting between a bunch of savages who no one cares about and a strange monastic order made up of all the dull characters exiled from the rest of the plot for being too dull. The final episode was odd. Nudey DragonGirl had the cob because her dragons were getting out of hand, but after four complete seasons she still seems to have nothing at all to dowith the plot. Sir Looks-Like-a-Girl had a fight. The dwarf chap (who's the best character in it) shot his father whilst he was in Trap One; and suddenly zombies, giants and elves have sprung up from nowhere.
I think that (realistically) I need to watch the entire lot again from the beginning before season five airs in the spring...

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