3 January 2015 (Saturday) - Rainy Day

With nothing special really planned for today I could have had a lie-in. But "Furry Face TM" does like to sleep on the bed. And he likes to nuzzle up to me. And in doing so he pulls the covers off of me, and so I woke with a shivering arse about two hours earlier than I had planned. As anyone who has had a shivering arse will sympathise, getting back to sleep with one isn't easy.
So I got up and watched more "Game of Thrones". Nudey DragonGirl is now Queen of Nudey DragonGirl Land and (despite keeping her clothes on) is finding that management isn't easy. If I was Queen of Nudey DragonGirl Land I would take a lot less lip from the peasants. Meanwhile elsewhere ladies of loose morals were wandering around in the nip (as ladies of loose morals are wont to do).

After an hour "Furry Face TM" came downstairs, and I took him for a walk; despite the rain. After ten minutes we were both soaked and so we came home. With little else to do on a wet morning I set about the astro club accounts. There was a worrying half-hour when I realised that I was missing seventy pounds. Eventually I found a twenty quid note in the lower part of the club's cash tin and remembered that I'd asked "er indoors TM" to pay a cheque for fifty quid into the club account yesterday.

With "er indoors TM" still snoring I thought I might make a start on devisinig yet another Wherigo geocache. For all that I whinge about all the effort I put into making them only to have very few people bothering to go look for them, I do like making them. It's a little project that keeps me occupied for a week or so. I spent a couple of hours working out the basic plot and blagging some piccies for it from the Internet. If nothing else it will keep me out of mischief over the next week or so when I go back on to night shifts.

We then went to Folkestone. Pausing briefly for geo-reasons at Newington Church we made our way to McDonalds. Despite the rain the place was heaving, so we went over the road to Subway instead. I've not been to Subway before. I won't say it was better than Maccy D, but it was different. Steak & cheese sub with tomatoes, peppers and pickles; I liked it !!
We got pet supplies, and took them round to see the baby. He's now three months old, and getting bigger all the time. We watched "Nearly Naked Animals" on CITV, and together with eldest grand-son I fell asleep on the sofa.

We came home via Tesco. In the trolley park in the car park we saw something odd; someone had left their handbag hanging from a trolley in the rain. Inside the handbag was a purse and a phone and all sorts of things that shouldn't be left in the rain. I took the phone, and looked through the contacts. "Home" seemed to be a good number to ring, and it wasn't long before I was able to return the bag to a distraught owner.

Once home, after a rather good bit of scoff, we spent another evening in front of the telly. This is becoming something of a habit....

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