27 January 2015 (Tuesay) - A Sulking Dog

I had a terrible night's sleep. When I finally wrestled some of the duvet back for myself and when the dog finally stopped trying to push me out of the bed I was beset by the most vivid dreams. I seemed to spend an eternity trying to shave with washing-up liquid and a tea-spoon whilst avidly watched by "The Man with No Alias (patent pending)" and his entire entourage.
Not content with having my bed, my dog then had a large proportion of my morning toast whilst at the same time blanking me. He's been in an odd mood since I told him off last night for various crimes. He rarely (if ever) gets told off, and when he does he seems to develop something of a cob about the matter.

Cobs notwithstanding we then went out for our morning walk. We went round to the park. Last night I did some serious Wherigo-writing and wanted to test out my efforts. I want to write a SmartPhone-based GPS game in which.... well, I won't give the game away. But I will say that my first effort had mixed results. On the one hand it does do what I told it to do. On the other hand it doesn't do what I want it to do. A quick posting on the Wherigo UK forum and within five minutes the thing was working fine (in the emulator). I do like the Wherigo UK forum. There's never any nastiness or arguing there. Mind you my having total admin power does help.

As I drove to work there was all sorts of drivel on the radio. The problems faced by people in mixed race relationships, the problems of period pains... nothing which gripped my attention.
With time to spare I went over to Kingsbrook to do some geocaching; there is one there that I'd failed to find three times before. But now I had some inside information and I found it after only a few seconds searching. It's actually a very good cache; excellent in fact. However the listed GPS co-ordinates are about fifteen meters awry. And I felt the hint given was rather misleading. But I've finally found this one now.

I still had a few minutes before work, so I had a little sax session; despite the fact it was on the cold side. I then did my bit, and over lunch saxed some more. I would have liked to have saxed all afternoon, but it wasn't to be...

Home rather later than usual to find the clans had gathered. More of The Flash. Zoom! Zoom!

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