11 January 2015 (Sunday) - Pants

A wet nose in my armpit woke me shortly before 5.30am; not that I'm saying anything against my perfect pup. I got up, abluted, and watched an episode of "Dad's Army" I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. It's harmless enough entertainment for silly o'clock on a Sunday morning; even if they still don't like it up 'em.

It was just beginning to get light as I drove to work; there was a surprising amount of traffic on the roads at 7am. As I drove I listened to the radio. On Sunday morning the talk on the radio was of a religious bent. On some Sundays the talk can be quite spiritual and uplifting; today's' was little better than half-baked claptrap. Apparently the Church of England is reviewing the rules about whether those who have committed suicide are allowed a full Church of England funeral. Ecclesiastical thinking on the matter is divided.
There was some fatuous gasbag being interviewed who was adamant that those who had committed suicide should not be allowed a church funeral because they had committed a sin. At the same time this prat was quite happy for extortionists and murderers to have church funerals. Apparently the logic behind his position was quite obvious; doing ones self in is (apparently) far more heinous in the eyes of the Lord than doing in some innocent bystander.
(And people criticise me for saying that religions shouldn't be taken seriously!)

I got to work; I had rather a busy day. I did periodically look out of the window. It might not have been the best of days outside; but it was far from the worst. The weather would certainly have lent itself to a decent walk somewhere.
Still, there's always next weekend.

I came home; as I drove I listened for a strange sound that my car has developed. I think something's working itself loose under the dashboard. i'm not quite sure what it is though.
Seeing the place was dogger-free I stopped at a rather dark lay-by and had a look for this comet. Apparently the thing is now fourth magnitude (which means you should be able to see it with the naked eye. Clouds got in the way this evening; but I've tried on two very clear evenings over the last week and seen nothing.
Comets are crap.

Once home as I got ready for a shower I realised I'd got my pants on inside-out. I'd spent much of the day feeling something wasn't quite right; now I know what it was...

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