30 January 2015 - (Friday) - A Day Off

The night before last I slept well with "Furry Face TM" on the outside of the bed and me in the middle. Last night "Furry Face TM" wanted the middle, and I spent much of the night battling with him. The obvious answer would be to have him sleep in his basket...

I had brekkie, and despite the snow I took my dog for a walk. I tried to get him to wear a coat. He ran and hid. I finally forced him into his coat and he flatly refused to move. So I let him have his way.
We went out and completed the final Wheri-test of my Mark II Wheri-attempt, and the first Wherigo that I have written from scratch (with no help of blagging whatsoever) now works fine.
After half an hour the snow stopped, and with testing done we came home via Park Farm, the Willesborough Dykes and Pets at Home where I had an episode.
Pets at Home were selling small bones for eighty pence. The sign on the shelf said so. When I got to the till I was charged over two quid. I queried this and some chap was sent off to investigate. He wandered off in another direction to pick up a clip board, went to the bones shelf, replaced the original price label with the correct price label from his clipboard, then announced that the price was correct.
I put the thing back and got one twice the size for half the price, and as Mr Clipboard was watching he couldn't quibble that price.

Home; I gave my dog's tummy a wash to get the worst of the dirt off, then left him scoffing his bone whilst I went out to Sainsbury. I re-fueled the car, then got a deli-bowl. I like those.
Whilst in Sainsburys I saw that a film crew werer recording an advert for Activia. Whatever that is. So when you next see an advert for Activia (whatever that is) look out for me in the background grinning like a loon.

I came home to scoff my deli-bowl. As I scoffed it I watched "Extant". Like much sci-fi it seems to concentrate on the "fi" to the detriment of the "sci". For example, given that one is on a space station which is rotating to simulate gravity; the areas with such simulated gravity would be those bits furthest from the axis. You wouldn't be walking about seemingly in full gravity in the axis areas only to climb to the extremities where you would be floating about. Basic physics tells us that.

I then spent a few hours farting about with about my latest wherigo adding some bells and whistles, submitted it for publication, and got the thumbs down. Apparently I'd put the cache on the edge of "a Heritage site which is a Scheduled Monument (Romano-British roadside settlement and World War II pillbox)". I thought I'd put it on a road sign on a pavement on a road which is a public right of way.
I took a deep breath. The alleged Romano-British roadside settlement is actually a fenced-off clump of brambles where gypsies perioically leave their horses, and the World War II pillbox (which is a couple of hundred yards away) has long since been left to collapse.
So I nipped out and retrieved the cache I'd hidden and put a different one on the other side of the road; all the time grumbling about the matter. How can one side of a suburban street be a Heritage site and the other not?

I collected Stevey from the station annd we went for McScoff. I had a McRib and now wished I hadn't. Not only was it the McMessiest thing I've ever eaten, it gave me McGuts ache too.
We then went on to one of the best astro club meetings we've had in a long time. A really good turn out, clear skies for stargazing, and an excellent talk and practical session on making your own comet.

I've now got to re-write that Wherigo. Should only take an hour or so...

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