16 January 2015 (Friday) - Cooking Dinner

It would be today that the diswasher blocked up. Despite my best efforts I couldn't un-bung it. Not that I am pointing the fiinger of blame in any way, but I do wish that "er indoors TM" hadn't tried to wash jelly with it.
Over brekkie I saw something that made be think. The latest government initiative Choose Better is aimed at trying to get people wiith minor ailments and maladies to seek medical ssistance from places other than the local accident and emergency departments; the idea being to reduce stress on those places an allowing truly urgent cases to be seen quicker.
It's a good idea in theory. In practice the whole "having a GP" scheme should be madeto work or scrapped entirely. I can see "Choose Better" putting people off going to accident and emergency departments and having them dying at home unnecessarily becase they didn't want to bother anyone.

I took "Furry Face TM" for our morning walk. There weren't many other dog walkers about (which was probably for the best), but one camp-looking chap with a rather effenimate-looking mutt asked if I'd seen a loose labrador. Apparently his "chum" had lost one. This fellow seemed rather talkative; and far more familiar than I think I would have been had my "chum" lost a labrador. That's now two days running that I've been ghatteed up. Result (!)

Again the rain cut our walk short; but we got home before it got too heavy. I theen spent much of the day knocking my ingredients into shape, tidying the living room and setting the table. In years gone by some of us used to have a "Come Dine with Me" thing going, and I decided that my turn was long overdue.

People seemed to enjoy what I boiled up; it wasn't bad I suppose. But I've never liked anything I've made myself.
And it would be today that the dishwashed went west...

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