5 January 2015 (Monday) - Late Shift

Over the last few days we've been watching "Gotham". I first watched it as it was broadcast over the last few months, and I saved the series on the SkyPlus box so's "er indoors TM" could watch it at some future date. That future date was the last few days, and I watched it with her. Much as I enjoyed watching it originally an episode each week, I was amazed to find just how much of the plot I missed. Watching the entire series over a few days made me appreciate the writers work so much more.
I'm finding much the same to be true in "Game of Thrones". In this morning's dose (over brekkie) Nudey DragonGrirl was playing nudey prod games with someone or other. I'm pretty sure this chap was a major protagonist, but I had no idea who he was. Also this morning's episode saw the advent of Sir BrickShithouse. I can't see him lasting long as he's due to have a fight to the death with one of the major wielders of the pork sword soon. But I have no idea why said wielder of the pork sword should be getting into a scrap with Sir BrickShithouse.

On Friday I mentioned that I went to Morrisons to get a gadget to scrape the excess hair out of my ear holes (it's an old man thing). I'd seen these things for sale in Morrisons before Christmas for eighteen quid and they'd sold out last Friday. I looked on eBay this morning; exactly the same thing was up for sale for four quid with free postage. I also ordered a cheap pair of shoes for work. I really should go back to using eBay more often.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round to the park. The walk was (for once) rather uneventful; as we walked home I saw something which made me stop and think. There was a young mother with toddler in push chair standing on their garden path looking at a slightly older child. This child was sitting on the path, sobbing his heart out that he didn't want to go to school. I later heard on the news that a lot of people didn't want to go to work today either. We are all stuck in a world we didn't design; there must be a way for us all to spend our time not having to do that which we really don't want to.

And talking of doing things we don't want to, after a little pootle about I went to the dentist. Today's trip involved a visit to the hygienist. After a few minutes I found myself in the hot-seat and the nice lady said she would just be giving my fangs a good clean. She rooted about inside my cake-muncher for over half an hour. And for all that she was full of glowing praise for my gob, when I rinsed out I felt I was spitting out rather too much blood for my liking.

I then set off to work. Via the cheapo petrol station in the town centre, Morrisons, and the Cheapo-Bargains shop. There was a minor delay getting into Morrisons as a gaggle of half-wits were having a conversation in the doorway. Right in the doorway. The manager had to come to shoo them away so people could get in or out.
I've often wondered what it is about doorways that seem to attract half-wits. Why is it that pretty much every door I want to walk through is blocked by a half-wit?

And so to work. It wasn't a bad day really...

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