31 December 2014 (Wednesday) - New Year's Eve

I had a surprisingly good night's sleep. Mind you with plans for the day I was up before dawn. I know it's not for long each year, but I really don't like getting up in the dark.
I went on-line and my piss boiled over a rather trivial geo-reason. The exact reasons for my hissy fit are irrelevant; it's just that ovr the last couple of years I've been playing the "hunting tupperware" game it's become painfully apparent that the rules aren't applied consistently by those whose place it is to apply said rules. I've had cache hides turned down because they are (supposedly) too close to schools, but have since found fifteen closer than anything I've ever tried to hide. I've tried to organise formal geo-events only too be told they break the rules, and then seen others get the green light for an exactly identical idea.
One such "applier of rules" engaged me in a "discussion" on the matter...
How does one block someone from Facebook?

We collected my amphibious associate and set off to Paddock Wood. There are two Wherigo geocaches there which I fancied having a go at. The first one was great fun; hunting virtual dominoes for an hour or so. We then picked up a puzzle cache; and piss boiled. The rules say that you cannot have a cache hidden on a roundabout. For the very sensible reason that it would be a dangerous place to have one. We found one on a roundabout that was only put out a few months ago. So I squealed it to the geo-feds.
Two more Church Micros, a bite to eat, and then we did another Wherigo. The first was fun; the second was a rather dull tour guide. In retrospect we should have done them the other way round. The "dull" one was only dull in comparison to the first one; as a stand-alone wherigo it was fine.
As we went back to the car we found a pet shop where I got "Furry Face TM" a bone which was as big as he is. Once home he set about that bone; it should kep him quiet for a while.

In a break with tradition we didn't do the New Year Thing in Folkestone; instead we went round to Dan and Cheryl. Cheese was scoffed, charades and cards and silly games played; an excellent evening.

And here we go; another year. After two and a half particularly difficult onees, 2014 wasn't too shabby for me. I'm now up to sixty per cent of the wages I was on four years ago, we've had a family wedding and a Grandson born, had nasal surgery, taken up the saxophone, been on a holiday.
Let's see what the future holds...

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