25 January 2015 (Sunday) - So Bored...

I woke in need of a tiddle shortly after 4.30am. When I emerged from Trap One I saw my dog was standing by the back door. “What a good dog” I thought and opened the door so’s he too could go for a tiddle. He flew down the garden shouting and barking at the top of his voice.
I got a torch, a coat, a pair of wellies and chased him back inside where he looked most indignant at having his woofing disturbed.
I went back to bed where I shivered for a while before getting back to sleep, and was licked awake at 8.30am by a small dog who was acting as though nothing at all untoward had happened overnight.
Over brekkie I saw my plans for the day had gone awry. I’d turned down other offers for the day and not organised any outings so’s I could help sort out a garden, only to find the gardening day had been cancelled.

With ‘er indoors TM off candle-mongering I found myself at something of a loose end. Mind you she had left me cake, so I scoffed the one that didn't look like a penis and then took “Furry Face TM “ for a walk. We went round the park and on to Singleton Lake. Half of the lake was frozen over; the part that wasn’t frozen had loads of fishermen doing their piscatorial thing. They must love it, it was really cold.
We then went round to see “My Boy TMbut he wasn’t in. I had a cuppa with Cheryl and Lacey before coming home for lunch. Being “Home Alone” I treated myself to KFC and watched the first episode of “Extant”. It shows promise even if I think I can see where the plot is going.

I then spent much of the rest of the afternoon at the PC. I did the monthly accounts; they would have been rather healthy had I not just bought a new back door. And then I bashed my head against the floor to get my brain working and did some programming. Over the last few months I’ve published several Wherigo geocaches. The Wherigo is a GPS-based game played on the SmartPhone. If you know where to look on-line you can get the base programming and then tweak it to make your own Wherigos. I’ve done that quite a bit recently, but now I thought I might have learned enough to write one from scratch. I’ve made a start on a guide round Ashford. It’s amazing how long it took to do so little…

After several hours getting cross with .lua codes I had a shower, turned on the telly and watched a James Bond film. "The Man with the Golden Gun" is a film of its time. Racist, sexist; it was relatively entertaining when first made, but now its rather dated. Did Britt Ekland *really* need to be running round in a bikini quite so much?
It speaks volumes that the sort behaviour celebrated and glorified in that film is the very behaviour for which celebrities of that time are now being prosecuted.

"er indoors TM" came home with curry and we settled ourselves in front of the telly to catch up watching episodes of "Big Bang Theory" we'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. They were more entertaining than James Bond but i can't help but wonder if that too is a show that has run its course.

Today was dull...

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