15 January 2015 (Thursday) - Busy Day

After a rather busy few days I slept like a log last night. I would have slept longer had I not woken with my CPAP device's air hose tangled all around me. I got up shortly after 7am and was rather amazed to find "er indoors TM" had got up too. She had a plan to make egg muffins from bananas; apparently they are made from bananas. Not eggs. One lives and learns. I lurked about and looked hopeful and my efforts were rewarded with an egg muffin. It was ratheer flatter than I would have expected, but I'm not complaining.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. We got as far as the wetlands park, but it was more than wet. Flooded to the point of being impassable, so we diverted to pavements and then the rain got so heavy we gave up and came home.
I gave my latest wheri-game a final once-over and then submitted it for review. Let's hope it gets the thumbs-up. I have an idea for what I might wheri-do next.

I set off to Folkestone; pausing only briefly on the way for geo-reasons. I picked up "Daddies Little Angel TM" and her associates and we went for McLunch, and then on to the hospital where littlun had an out-patient appointment. We were in and out in less than twenty minutes; all was fine.
Mind you my piss was boiled by the half-witted scratter in the waiting room. Openly admitting her child was under the specialist for ongoing chronic malnutrition, this half-witted scratter was demanding to know the symptoms of all the other children and then offering her advice on what foods these kiddies should be eating. I didn't actually tell her to get knotted, but I think she got the message.

Back to Folkestone for a cuppa; aand then home again. As I drove home I realised we'd done right in avoiding the motorway when we left the hospital. Operation Stack was in full force; traffic was queued back for over five miles.
Once home I had another cuppa with my dog curled up next to me. He didn't seem cold, but he was shivering. I hope he's not sickening for something. We both dozed in front of the telly for an hour or so until it was time for sax practice.

Sax practice went well, then I popped to Tesco to get some ingredients. Whilst there I was chatted up by some chap. He struck up a conversation and on seeing all the makings of curries I had in my trolley he commented that he wouldn't want to kiss me after eating that lot. I said he'd have to kiss me before, and I minced off coquettishly. I'm taking that little episode as a definate result (!)
We then had astro club committee; we've planned the year's programme. We also watched bellowphone videos. And I was told exactly where to look to see this comet. I couldn't see it from Park Farm, but once home in my darker back garden and with my binoculars I focussed in on the sky just below the Pleiades. After a few minutes I found it. it looks like a rather indistinct blurry smudge.... (engage rant mode)

As a child I can remember the total disappointment surrounding Comet Kohoutek in 1973. Billed as the comet of the century, it never amounted to anything. At the time my grandmother told me that when she was a girl there were loads of comets. She was right - in 1910 there were five comets visible to the naked eye; and visible in daylight too.
If you go back through the historical record as well as lots of rather mediocre comets all the time there is (on average) one really bright comet every ten years. On average(!) In the last fifty (and a bit) years only I've only seen four comets. None of them visible in daylight, two of them not visible at all to the naked eye.
Comet Lovejoy is a disappointment. I'm not asking for something to light up the sky in bright daylight. I'm not asking for something brighter than the full moon. But a comet should be obvious; you should be able to look up and see it *without* having to know exactly (to within a degree of arc) where to look and *without* needing binoculars. And according to wikipedia comet Lovejoy is "one of the brightest comets located high in a dark sky in years".
Over on the astro club's website you can see I'm pencilled in to give the lecture in November. Currently the title is "TBC" (to be confirmed). The title is actually confirmed. It will be "Why Comets are Shite".
All that remains is to defeat the censor...

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