12 January 2015 (Monday) - Before the Night Shift

A reasonable and uneventful night’s sleep is not to be sniffed at. I woke shortly before ‘er indoors TM alarm went off. Over brekkie I checked out cyber-space; a photo I’d posted three months ago had attracted comment. It’s odd how these things from ages ago sometimes came back to light.
I also had a message that a geocache I’d hidden over near the park and ride in Canterbury has had an obscene message written in it. I can’t help but wonder what that message was; I suppose I’d better have a look-see on my way to work later.

I took “Furry Face TMfor a little walk. We stopped by the bus stop and pretended to be waiting for the bus. A “delightful young lady” was bellowing into her mobile phone about her experiences yesterday evening. Her boyfriend had apparently “got leary” in the pub and had received a slap for his behaviour. He came home, sulked, fell asleep, then woke up and went out. Whilst he was out he threw a rock through the window of a house and of a car. He intended to chuck rocks through the windows of the people who’d given him a slap, but apparently he missed. Needless to say he then received another slap and it was at this point that the “delightful young lady” waded in with fists flying. She was adamant that had the innocents (who’d had rocks thrown through their windows) “let it lie” then there wouldn’t have been a problem. It would seem that in her world getting a rock through your window is just part of life’s rich tapestry and that reporting throwers of rocks to the police just isn’t cricket.
It was at this point that the bus arrived and I had to pretend I was waiting for a different bus. I would like to have found out what had happened next.

With the scum element safely ensconced on the bus I took “Furry Face TM “ round to Bowens Field where we walked through the park. I had intended going right on to Singleton Lake, but the drizzle had developed into proper rain so we cut our walk short and came home. As we arrived home I saw the people two doors down were moving out. I knew they were going; having retired they are moving to the West Midlands.
I’ve known them for twenty years. You would have thought they would have said goodbye.

I then got my sax out and had a practice. And having chucked my dog out into the garden I practiced without his accompaniment. I’m sure his singing is worse than my saxing. “Blue Moon” is coming along slowly; the Bach minuet isn’t. I then had a quick look at my finances… could be worse.
And I had a bit more of a fiddle with my latest Wheri-project. I *think* it’s now ready for its first field testing. I shall do that tomorrow.

I then spent much of the afternoon fast asleep. I’m off to work now – via a minor detour…

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