13 January 2015 (Tuesday) - Between the Night Shifts

I had a minor road trip before work last night. I popped down to Hythe for a crafty geocaching session which was near the supermarket Aldi. My geo-find went without incident, but I shan't be going to Aldi again. I asked three different members of staff where the sandwiches were only to have them vaguely waving their hands in an "over there somewhere" gesture. And whilst the check-out girl didn’t actually say “f… off baldy” in words, her manner conveyed the message eloquently enough.

I'd gone to Hythe so that I could then go on via Folkestone where I could visit my grand-baby. Littlun is growing now, and he grins and gurgles when he sees his old granddad. I spent an hour playing with him and exchanging insults with the most recent fruit of my loin.

From Folkestone I went to Canterbury. Yesterday I'd had a message to say that the logs of one of my geocaches had an obscene message written in it. The cache itself was broken, so I swapped over the entire cache for a new one.
I had a look for the offending message -  I wouldn't have thought the log “obscene”; I'll let my loyal readers judge for themselves. Personally I like the style of the people leaving the message. I might try it myself.

I got to work; things started surprisingly busy. But being busy isn't necessarily a bad thing. If nothing else it keeps the mind off of sin.
As I worked I had the radio playing in the background. Overnight Radio Four plays programs from the BBC World Service. There was very little of note going on in the world (service) last night. As I worked I also checked my emails from time to time. During the early evening I got notification of a new geocache which was (sort of) mid-wa between work and home, so after work I thought I’d chase the First to Find; after all this one was in  the back of beyond so I doubted if anyone else would be chasing it. And also the weather forecast said that the rain would have stopped by the time I would be out and about..

The weather forecast lied. I got the First to Find, and did the happy dance in the rain. And seeing how I was wet, once home I took “Furry Face TM “ out right away.
I had planned to field test my latest Wheri-project; I shall do that when the rain stops. Instead we went round the roads, and it wasn’t until we walked into Pets at Home that I realised that it hadn’t been me who was leading the walk. So I bought him the bone he obviously wanted, and we came home to dry off.

I pootled about on the computer whilst some washing washed, and once it was done I hung it out and then took myself off to bed. Night shifts can be tiring. I slept from 10.30am right round to 5pm.
I’m off for another night shift now… I shall miss the Tuesday tribal gathering tonight,,,

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