20 January 2015 (Tuesday) - Birds

My piss boiled over brekkie as I got a message from my cousin that the Sun newspaper is to stop the whole "Page Three" thing.
How can they stop this? Girlies flopping out their jubblies on page three is a British institution. I knew I was grown up when I was older than the girlies who were flopping them out, and I knew I was old when my daughter was older than the girlies who were flopping them out.
I remarked on social media that it was the end of civilisation, and took my dog for a walk before the world ended.

We walked past where I intend to hide the final part of my current Wheri-project, and then on into the park. As I walked a passing normal person asked for my ornothological opinion. She'd spotted a strange looking bird. My get reaction was to advise her to tell it (in this new world order) to put its tits away, but I was polite, and had a look. She had spotted something unusual. It looked like an albino heron; being very heron-esque in shape, but being completely white in colour. (Herons are usually shades of grey). I then spent fifteen minutes trying to take a photo of this unusual avain only to find that whilst my back was turned "Furry Face TM" had been rolling in fox poo.
I put a photo of the bird on Facebook and was told that it was actually an egret. One lives and learns. Mind you wikipedia says that egrets are the same as herons (only white) so I'm claiming a victory for my bird-watching skills.

I then spent much of the rest of our walk remembering happy days at Red Lake Primary School's bird club. As a child I spent many a happy lunch walking the fields around the Red Lake part of Hastings; Mrs Wright would take twenty or so of us out bird-spotting. Making enough noise to wake the dead we never usually saw more than a few sparrows, but after "bird club" we would all report sightings of eagles and albatrosses. In fact on one occassion even an ostrich was alledgedly sighted by a keen-eyed nine-year old.

We walked on to Singleton Lake and then came home. As we got back so the snow started. I say "started"; there was one flake but it was enough to start an avalanche of panic on social media. No more page three *and* snow really was seen as the end of the world.
As the world reeled in terror I gave my dog his brekkie, and I settled down to solve a rather tricky geo-puzzle. In the past I've found some geo-puzzles which make reference to other geocachers by name. I've instinctively disliked them; feeling them to be cliquey and elitist. However I was told that a geo-puzzle which went live yesterday mentioned me by name. I didn't see how it might, but after an hour's head-scratching I found that it did mention me.
Now *this* geo-puzzle isn't in any way cliquey or elitist. It's actually rather good... unlike the ones that *don't* mention me specifically (!)

I practiced my sax for a minute, then having chucked a singing dog into the garden I practiced for several minutes. "Blue Moon" is coming along nicely. "Blueberry Blues" isn't.
The nice man from Everest then came to give us a quote for a new back door. His quote was about double what I was hoping to pay, but after all is said and done I need a new back door. I had considered a cheaper brand but the cheaper brand had the "advantage" that if I ever locked myself out I could kick the thing open. And what is money for if not to squander foolishly on expensive doors.

I treated myself to KFC for lunch, and scoffed it whilst watching a DVD. "Bonded by Blood" is based on a true story about Essex gangsters. With KFC scoffed I watched the end of the film with my dog asleep on my lap. I then fiddled about with Wherigos for a bit before doing more ironing and a bit more saxing.

After a rather goood bit of tea we went round to Somerset Road where the clans gathered. Sausage rolls were scoffed, toilets tiddled into (!) projectors set up, and we watched another episode of "The Flash". I do like that show - I have yet to fall asleep during it....

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