1 January 2015 (Thursday) - Bluebell Hill

What with New Year booze ups it was a late night last night. Waslking home was something of a shock; as a leading light of the astro club I've felt I ought to support the local council in their recent turn-off of the street lights. It reduces light pollution and saves money. And I've been one hundred per cent behind the idea all the time I was safe and sound in my own house.
I regularly walk from "My Boy TM"'s abode to home in daylight. The way I go is along back streets because it is far quicker than following the main roads. However at 1am last night I had a choice. A far longer walk at sub-zero temperatures, or risking life and limb on ice-covered pot-holed roads and pavements in pitch darkness.
I've had something of a re-think on the matter of turning off the street lighting. Any savings on the leccie bill made by turning off the lights will be more than offset by the medical bils resulting from people going arse-over-head on the ice and into pot-holes. I know for a fact that the ideal solution would never be accepted; the ideal solution being to only light those streets along which I am walking (and only at the times when I am walking them). So perhaps downward pointing street lights might be the way forward.

I got to kip shortly before 2am, and five pints of the black ales ensured I slept like a log. I got up rather later than might have, and being the first of January I put up my new calendar. I've mentioned it to a few people, and I must admit that I am rather disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm for Goats in Trees. But with eleven months until the next Lego calendar, it's goats (in trees) all the way.

We then set off on the day's geo-mission. In certain circles it's traditional to go looking for tupperware whilst nursing a hangover. We decided to leave "Furry Face TM" at home for this one; he likes the walk, but after the walk when we're all in the pub he becomes a tad excitable. In the summer we can sit outside where he's less of a pain, but in the winter he has to sit it out. And finding that he'd thrown up down the stairs made me rather convinced he needed a day's rest. We left him with his huge bone; he seemed content gnawing on it.

We drove up to Bluebell Hill where we met up with quite a few other hunters of tupperware. There was a formal meet-up arranged for the afternoon, and before this there was the opportunity for a mass geo-stroll. Mass geo-strolls are quite an experience; forty(-ish) of us set off on a trail of geocaches. As we approached a geocache, the ones at the front would find it and the ones at the back had the opportunity to log a very easy find. If the ones at the front couldn't find it, they had the back-up of several more pairs of eyes coming to help them look. And so on such a walk if there are any caches logged as "not found" it's a safe bet that they are actually missing.
For myself I just like the opportunity to walk and talk with like-minded people. And today was excellent for that. We walked for about four hours over about five miles. We found caches, we chatted about hunting tupperware. And there was a very embarrassing couple of occassions where I found myself being regarded as leading the walk.

I took a few photos whilst we were out; and the walk finished back where we started; at a pub. More hunters of tupperware joined us at the end of the walk; pints of reserve ales were downed. An as a special New Year treat we had a pub lunch. Gammon, eggs, burgers and chips all went down very nicely.

And so home for a lazy evening in front of the telly...

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