17 January 2015 (Saturday) - Cold, Working...

I had a rather late night last night, but was awake at 5am. I thought I'd lay there for a few more minutes, and then I was woken by the alarm. I'd nodded off. Result (!)
I got up, abluted, did a little more of last night's washing up, and then over brekkie checked out the world of social media via my phone's mobile data; the house router had gone west again.

I should have left for work earlier than I did; the car was covered in ice this morning; it was minus five degrees as I drove off to work. And having wasted ten minutes de-icing the car I then found mysef stuck behind someone driveing along the very middle of the A28 at thirty miles per hour for the entire way.
My piss also boiled as I listened to the radio; the pundits were talking about the hospital in Hinchingbrooke. Recently privatised, the company running the place is trying to pull out of the contract and the Care Quality Commission (the hospital watchdog) has given the place the thumbs-down.
It seems that everyone's initial thoughts that privatising the NHS is not a good idea was wrong. It would seem that Labour party activists and Trade Unions have conspired to put the skids under the place.
This is just another example of what is wrong with health care in the UK; health care professionals cannot do their jobs because of people in authority playing silly political games.

I got to work, parked up, and as I walked into work my phone beeped. I'd actually driven past two new geocaches on my journey this morning. And my latest Wheri-project had been temporarily turned down until I tweaked it a little. I tweaked it remotely (because that's the kind of guy I am) and am now hoping for the best.

I then got on with what turned out to be a very busy day, and came home to find that "er indoors TM" had sorted the dishwasher. Apparently it's outflow pipe was bunged up with rather foul gunge. I'm glad she fixed that little problem and not me...
Now to wash dishes like a thing possessed.

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