10 January 2015 (Saturday) - Out for Lunch

I would have had a better nights sleep had I been allowed any of the duvet. But I lost the tug o' war and spent most of the night with a cold arse. I eventually gave up the fight and came downstairs. I tried to check out the Internet over brekkie; but it was dead. Periodically our router packs up and needs re-booting, but when this happens the internet connection isn't re-established until the third or fouth re-boot. It's becoming a nuisance; perhaps it's God's way of saying get new router.
After twenty minutes I gave up with the router and used my phone to have a look-see on-line. That connnected without a problem. My piss boiled over trivia, then I toook "Furry Face TM" for a walk.

As we walked he woofed, barked and snarled at pretty much every single object we encountered. Sometimes our walks are enjoyable; usually they are. This morning's walk was tiresome with his constantly picking fights. And I'd forgotten that Saturday is "Joggers in the Park Day". That lot seriously boil my piss. Why is it that the average jogger cannot seem to take one step forward without taking (at least) three to either side. Do they *really* need the entire five yards width of the paths? And why do they do it anyway? No one is forcing them to go jogging. This morning there must have been well over a hundred of them. Those that did not look decidedly miserable looked to be in serious pain. I remarked about this to one of the chaps marshalling their run, and together we watched the joggers for a few minutes. This marshall-chap said that he had to agree with me; not one of the joggers looked as though they wanted to be there.

We came home to find the router still wasn't talking to the Internet. After a llittle pootling about I suddenly realised the router and the Internet were back on speaking terms. This time the thing had been out of action for a couple of hours. I really should replace that router. When it did come back on-line I had an email from Amazon saying I had a free e-book. I had to choose between six books I didn't really want; I went for "Starburst" by Neil Gaiman. I wonder what it's like.

Andy and Kim came round and we went into town. A couple of pints at the local Wetherspoons the we went for lunch. I'd not been to Amici before; I'd certainly go again. Rather good scoff, and the wine wasn't too shabby either. A couple more pints on the way home and I then fell asleep on the sofa...

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