14 January 2015 (Wednesday) - After the Night Shift

A rather worrying episode happened on the way to work last night. I came to a T junction in Canterbury (as I often do) and was waiting to turn right. A car coming the other way was also wanting to turn right. That car had right of way, but the driver waved me out. He seemed quite insistent, but as I started to move he flew forward clearly trying to ram my car. I slammed on the brakes, narrowly missing that car. The other driver glared at me, and then flew off at seriously high speed.
I've heard of people doing this; deliberately causing an accident in which they can claim they are the innocent party; I've never seen it actually happen before. I should really have made a note of his registration number.

I got to work; for all that I do like doing the longer shifts at the more obscure times, there's no denying that tonight's shift was hard work. I had the radio playing in the background but I can't really remember anything of note. I was too busy to let it boil my piss.

I came straight home his morning with no geo-detours. Once home I put the lead onto “Furry Face TM “ and took him for a walk. A dry day was ideal for me to test out my latest wheri-project. The thing was basically sound but needed one or two tweaks before a final field trial in a day or so.
As I wheri-projected “Furry Face TM “ was off the lead doing his own thing. Unfortunately he’d found some fox poo, and before I could stop him he’d ground in well into his collar, neck, shoulder and left ear.
We came home for a serious session with the bath and some soap.

With dog bathed I then tweaked my Wherigo, and after a short doze I sat through the last video lectures in my current Coursera course. “Origins - Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life” was an odd course. It sounds interesting but it went off on many tangents, and with a variety of lecturers whose spoken English wasn’t what it might have been, I found it rather hard going.

I then spent a while looking at a geo-puzzle. And didn’t get very far, If anyone can think of any form of logic in which the element rhodium equates to zero and the element copper equates to one, do let me know. However on the positive side I solved puzzles involving soduku and dogs.

With tea scoffed I then dozed as ‘er indoors TM  monged candles. It’s what candlemongers do..

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