8 November 2022 (Tuesday) - And... It's Still Raining

It was still raining when I took the puppies out this morning, but they went out without too much chivvying. Mind you I think Bailey has realised that what with it being dark it is easier for her to eat turds without being spotted.
I then dumped the tiddled puppies onto “er indoors TM then made brekkie and watched an episode of "Big Mouth" before setting off to work.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the MP Sir Gavin Williamson. He's now back in the Cabinet despite allegations that he was particularly nasty to colleagues and that he once told an unnamed senior civil servant at the Ministry of Defence to "slit your throat" when he was defence secretary.
Part of me wonders just how these people get to continue in their jobs; I certainly wouldn't be able to. And another part of me cynically thinks that it is convenient that the senior civil servant in question is "unnamed" and presumably untraceable... possibly even non-existent?
Doesn't it speak volumes about our government that we are more interested in the gossip about them than in their ability to do the job?
There was a lot of talk from the COP 27 climate talks. What with the Russians pulling the plug on Europe's gas supplies it seems there's a lot of African nations keen to make up the shortfall. Rather ironic from an international conference to reduce carbon emissions, wouldn't you think?
Meanwhile Fiji deals with climate change by moving villages up to higher ground. A simple idea; if expensive. Understandably they want financial help in doing this, and the developed countries aren't keen on helping those in the most need, or anyone come to that.
Mind you I wonder if money would be forthcoming  if the Fijians were fighting someone? It strikes me as very odd that the Western world is very reluctant to help those in serious need from climate change (which helps us all), but only too quick to throw billions at Ukraine so they can carry on fighting Russia.
I got to work and capped the new tree house. That was good for a few points *if* you are into that sort of thing.
As I did my bit a colleague gave me a pressie. Her children had been given a Lego pirate ship, but some bits were missing. Did I want it? Yes please!!!
The plan  was that being on an early I would get out early and come home where I would meet “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” (who would have just got home from taking Pogo to the vet). We would then take all the dogs for a walk up to the station and she would get the train home.
For no adequately explored reason she came out without a coat (on a day which had torrential downpours every ten minutes) and so was soaked through by the time she’s got to the vet.
Having taken twice as long to get home as I usually do I drove her straight home, then came home myself. The traffic was a nightmare this evening. From work I came home, collected “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” (and her entourage), took them home (with Pogo whinging the entire way) then came back home myself. A round trip of sixty miles which took three and a half hours.
I’m worn out… I shall look at that Lego pirate ship later…

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