28 November 2022 (Monday) - Rostered Day Off

I woke at two o’clock last night with a pain in my neck, and spent much of the rest of the night trying to get comfortable, but it wasn’t happening.
I gave up and came downstairs to find a mutiny in progress; the puppies were refusing point-blank to go outside for “er indoors TM. I told them “come on” and they followed me outside right away. What was that all about?
I made toast and had a look at the Internet. It was back to its old ways… Radio Four, geocaching apps, pugs, Sparks and Star Trek… No matter what the subject, everything was one big argument today.
“er indoors TM sorted dog breakfast, and we both watched Treacle ignoring hers. She seemed to be all right in herself` but did look a little bloated. She’s been looking like that for a couple of days now. Once the puppies had eaten theirs, she then ate hers whilst they watched.
I then sat about waiting. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that on 30th August I had to swerve my car into a hedge to avoid a head-on collision. A local garage assured me that they could have fixed it within an hour, but it wouldn’t have been cheap, so I went through the insurance people. Three months later they eventually got round to sorting it. I’d been told that they would collect the car today and drop off the courtesy car too… at some point during the day. Apparently they were utterly unable to give me any indication of when; the best they could do would be for the nice man to give me a ring when he was half an hour away, so I had to give up an entire day to sit round waiting for them. It took some doing, but I managed to swap shifts about, and then ironically the nice man turned up at five past nine (with no phone call)… so I could have done the late shift after all. There had been no need for me to give up an entire day.
The courtesy car they’ve left me with seems to be the economy version of the one that’s gone for repair. The controls are fairly similar to my car, but it only has five gears. Mind you it does have scratches on the passenger side front bumper, below the passenger side headlight and on the boot door frame. I emailed the company about that, and they emailed back to say that they knew, and told me about seven other dings on it. That was honest of them.
One of the rules with the courtesy car is that dogs aren’t allowed in it… that was something of a pain in the glass. Mind you my car was set up so that the dogs would be contained in the boot; I couldn’t guarantee their not escaping from the boot of the courtesy car. So with the woods being out today, we went on a half-hour wander round the local roads. The wander went well, even if we did terrify several passers-by.
What is it with the Nepalese community and dogs? We walked past quite a few Nepalese people today; they were all very polite and civil (as they always are), but all of then reacted as though I was taking three tigers for a walk rather than three small dogs.
With walk walked I popped up to the corner shop to get croissants or “pain o chocolate” or something for me and “er indoors TM (who was working from home today), but the shop had sold out. Sometimes they’ve got loads left at mid-day, other times they’ve sold out at ten o’clock.
I then spent anther couple of hours working on the Personal Development Plans presentation for a couple of hours until the nice boiler man arrived. Having had a cancellation the nice lady at the plumbers (who in years gone by was one of my trainees!) arranged for us to get our boiler serviced this afternoon… or (to be precise) she arranged for the boiler engineer to call. Sadly when the new kitchen was fitted earlier in the year the boiler was quite comprehensively boxed in and the engineer couldn’t get to the boiler. There’s now a delay whilst we see if and when the kitchen fitter can come back…
No day off work is complete without ironing; I ironed for a couple of hours whilst watching episodes of “Four In A Bed” in which one of the contestants was banging on constantly about what a big businessman he was… and his bed & breakfast establishment was quite literally falling to pieces. Like so many people he knew all the theory and none of the practice.
“er indoors TM went off bowling, and I settled down with the dogs and watched two episodes of “Stranger Things”…
My neck still aches…

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