27 September 2015 (Sunday) - Southwold

It was rather sad to find myself having my last brekkie at Colts Lodge this morning. As I admired the view there was a deer, bold as brass, right in the middle of the field outside the conservatory.
With brekkie scoffed we said our goodbyes to our hosts. If any of my loyal readers need a bed for the night in the Norwich area I can't recommend Colts Lodge highly enough.
We've had a good holiday. We've eaten well, seen some rather good views, had some good days out. However we didn't get to some of the places we were hoping to see, and we didn't get to visit friends that we would have liked to have seen.
I didn't realise just what a large place East Anglia is.

Today's plan was (basically) to come home and to do something or go somewhere on the way. Looking on the map it seemed that a trip to Southwold wouldn't be too much of a diversion. Southwold is where the nobs had a country house in "Upstairs Downstairs". It is where they make Adnam's beer. And there is a virtual geocache on the pier too. So we thought we'd spend some time there.
We got there.... I've spent a little time trying to be polite in my phrasing. But I can't. Southwold was a bitter disappointment. A few days ago I said that I was disappointed iin Great Yarmouth because it was little different to any other seaside town. Southwold is very different. On the sea front it has a pier, a crazy golf course, a boating lake and a stall that sells ice cream. And that's it. If you search out the back streets you might find the sweet shop but (frankly) I'm not sure it is worth the effort. I took a few photos of the place. It is very pretty but there really isn't much there.
Mind you there were thousands of peoople milling about the place. Perhaps the rest of Suffolk is even duller?

We then took a rather circuitous route home (via a geocache or two) and collected "Furry Face TM" from his holiday with "My Boy TM". I've missed that dog. He's currently now asleep in his basket having been walking for much of the afternoon.
"er indoors TM" has gone bowling and I'm left "home alone" yet again. It seems to be back to business as usual...

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