30 March 2012 (Friday) - Another Birthday

Have I ever mentioned that I dabble in oils? I've been watching Bob Ross on telly for years, and about ten years ago a colleague told me about art classes in the Bob Ross style. The first Bob Ross style painting I ever did was of some trees in a field with a footpath and some mountains in the background. That painting still hangs in my mother's hallway. It's not particularly good; at the time I thought I could do better and since then (without wishing to sound conceited) I have. Since then I've painted all sorts of scenes and landscapes; but I still like the simple concept of that first painting, and from time to time I've gone back to it and tried to do it again.
Today I returned to the theme for the fourth time. I quite like the red sky and the mountain - a mountain without snow isn't something I've tried before. The trees are OK - for all that I tried to keep them simple, they could be better. And the painting has a fence in it. Just lately I seem to like fences in my paintings.
I'm quite pleased with the finished result. And (like all the paintings I do) it's available to buy....

Whilst I was painting my mobile rang: one of the employment agencies had a vacancy that might interest me. We chatted - the vacancy did interest me, and my C.V. has been forwarded to the employer. Will anything come of this? Here's hoping.
And then a C.V. company phoned. Unlike the last lot, this lot had no advice to offer; they were just trying to extort money from me. They failed.

Painting was all done by mid day. I watched a film, and dozed in front of the telly until the first fruit of my loin (and his entourage) came to visit. They weren't here long, and when they went they asked if I wanted to go with them - apparently I looked bored. I must admit I was rather bored. I've nowhere to hang another painting and I'd done all the on-line surveys that were available. I would have gone with them, but the Rear Admiral was on the way.

He arrived, and after I boiled up some scran we collected Stevey and set off to the astro club. Tonight marked the club's fifth birthday. From a shaky start, the astro club has really come on in leaps and bounds. Tonight's talk was about the Moon landings, and was really good. We had cake with tea, and then we had a really good telescope session: I got to see Mars, Venus and Saturn. And I've decided that I really should get my telescope out more often...

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