17 March 2012 (Saturday) - The Pink Bunkadoo

I had been asked to help out at work on the night shifts last weekend. With major building work planned I would be needed to help out because of the ensuing chaos. But with only a few hours to go, the building work was cancelled, and I wasn't needed. The building work was postponed to this weekend, and again I was asked to go in for the night shifts this weekend. And again (with very little notice) the building work was cancelled.
I can't say that I want to be up all night long for two nights running, but there's no denying that the extra money would come in handy. And I'm now feeling rather messed about.

We had planned to go to Hastings for a family gathering today for Mother's Day. The plan was that we'd booked out a restaurant for a major gathering,but at the last minute the restaurant told us that they were operating a "first come first served" scheme. So, bearing in mind how long it takes us to get going in the mornings, we would probably be driving for an hour just to find that the place was full already. So we abandoned that plan.

After some brekkie we set off to the Fudgery. With the denizens of the Fudgery moving house, we'd volunteered to fetch and carry, lift and shift, give orders and drink coffee. I disassembled two beds, loaded the fragments onto the van (together with some wardrobes), got chauffeured round to the new Fudgery, unloaded, and then went back for sofas. We were told all manner of horror stories about how difficult it would be to get the sofas out of the house: we did it in less than five minutes. And with sofas delivered we went back for the fridge, the electric cooker, the washing machine, the barbecue and the garden slide before saying goodbye to Dave and his van. And as Dave drove off with his van we remembered the garden swing and all the other stuff for which we needed his van. Oh well,, such is life.

I then reassembled beds and wardrobes whilst "er indoors TM" plumbed in the washing machine. It's still leaking now. And having flooded out the kitchen, we left them to it and came home for a spot of lunch. I would have stayed longer, but all the fetching and carrying had been done. All that remained was the unpacking, and you can't really do someone else's unpacking for them.
Once lunched we popped into town (despite the rain), and did what we had to do. Being Saturday afternoon, on our way back we collected the catalogues I'd delivered on Thursday. And then went home. I was glad to get home. Two days ago I'd had a day off work. The weather was glorious. Today was cold, overcast and wet. So we spent an hour or so watching stuff we'd recorded onto the Sky Plus box. Whilst we did this I signed up with another writing website. The idea is that people will pay me to write blog articles. I signed up with another such website a week or so ago, and so far the generated demand for my talents has remained constant (!).

And then after a little while spent messing on the laptop we set off for the Saturday film night. First of all "In Time"; an almost watchable cross between Robin Hood and Logan's Run. And then a classic - "Time Bandits". I've not seen that for years -it's brilliant.

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