25 March 2012 (Sunday) - Folkestone Warren

Went to work last night, did the night shift. It wasn't exciting. Mind you I did regular night shifts for twenty years and they never were exciting. Best described then as hours of boredom interspersed by moments of panic, in the intervening years it would seem that nothing has changed. I've always said that I don't mind night work. I don't, but I really have to qualify that statement. I don't mind the actual night work itself, but I hate spending the day before the night shift sulking at the thought of having to do the night shift. It's never anywhere near as bad as I expect it to be; I just resent the fact the I have work to look forward to. I'd rather get up each morning and go straight to work.
Having done my second twelve and a half hour shift this weekend I came home, shaved, was in bed by 9am, but was wide awake, up and raring to go by 11.30am. I was up long before "er indoors TM" this morning, who is fast developing her late Grandmother's nocturnal lifestyle

The clans gathered, and we set off to Folkestone's East Cliff where we looked at the battleship moored just outside Folkstone harbour. I have no idea what a naval ship was doing off of Folkestone. If any of my loyal readers know, please tell me (because I'm nosey like that).
We met up with more of our number and wandered down to the beach and along the warren. It's odd: it can't be more than three years since I went to Folkestone warren for the first time, but I would have to say that it is one of my favourite places to be. We wandered along the coast in the sunshine. There was a minor panic when grand-dog Sid started limping. Close scrutiny of his paw showed he'd trodden on a thorn, and with the thorn pulled out, he was back to his usual self.
I've since been told that we walked about five miles today; I think that's a fair estimate. It was really good to get out and about: I must start doing it a lot more now that spring is here. There's another walk planned for next weekend, and a bike ride in the not too distant future. If any of my loyal readers would like to come along, please drop me a line.

And so home where we quickly zoomed round the roads collecting catalogues before having a very rushed bit of tea - the clocks going forward an hour last night had thrown us somewhat. And with "er indoors TM" off bowling, I slobbed in front of the telly for a bit. There  was a documentary about Sandhurst  (the military academy) which was rather interesting. One of the instructors interviewed described the place as "Hogwarts with guns". And then two episodes of "Outnumbered", and the season finale of "Upstairs Downstairs". I did like that show. I don't know what I shall do on Sunday evenings from now on...

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