29 March 2012 (Thursday) - A Birthday

Despite being on holiday, I was up rather earlier than I would have liked today: it was the car’s MOT & service, and so I had the car round to D & D autos and I was back home and playing “Angry Birds” before 8.15am. I wasted a few minutes with “Angry Birds” before setting out again: this time to the dentist. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that a few weeks ago I gave up half a day’s leave to go to the dentist because I chipped a tooth. At the time the dentist seemed rather disinterested, and said there was no cause for concern. Today he took loads of photographs of the damaged fang, and told me I needed to make appointments to get the fang fixed. Why couldn’t he have done that a few weeks ago?
Mind you, the nice dentist did remark on how svelte I’m looking. I got on the scales this morning and saw I’d lost another pound.

Back home, where I carried on working on my colleague’s web site; and then gave Badger Original Landscapes an overhaul. Don’t forget, loyal readers, that your friends and loved ones would far prefer to have a painting than chocolate this Easter (!) And then I had a go at the monthly accounts. They could be a lot better, but there’s no denying that they could be an awful lot worse.

I then spent a little while fiddling with the “Dates for the Diary” section of this blog. After a few minutes I found out how to export my Facebook events into my Google Calendar. That should make it much easier to keep the “Dates for the Diary” section up to date. Whilst I was at it, I created two more events for the next few weeks. In April we’ll have a walk round Aldington, and in May we’ll go back to Appledore and Stone in Oxney. I toyed with the idea of setting more dates. After all there’s a walk round Pluckley and a walk round Chilham to be done. To say nothing of walking round Teston and even returning to Capel. But it’s still only March. All sorts of things might get planned in the meantime.

My phone rang - my car was ready for collection. Would I like them to send a courtesy driver to collect me? Yes please. The driver was with me very quickly, and four hundred pounds later I had my car back. Four hundred pounds!!! I didn't cry, but it was close.

And then to Folkestone to celebrate a birthday. Chinese for scoff, and then an evening exchanging insults. And in a novel break with tradition the birthday boy gave me a pressie - a binatone tablet PC. ANd then whilst girlie-types gossiped, the blokes fiddled with tablet PCs. Because we could....

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