9 Mo-Vember 2009 (Monday) - Stuff

Last night when I came to print out “letter to the chokey #42” I used the last sheet of paper, and had no envelopes left. I wonder where they went (!) So after work, I was on a mission to Staples for more stationary. A strange place. Loads of staff swarming here, there and thither, but only one person on the tills, and that one not doing especially good at reducing the queue.

And then home to a letter from the optician. Having been there last Tuesday and paid them a fortune for new specs, they’ve now written to me to tell me I’m due for an eye test. Oh well…. Whilst on the subject of glasses, the word on the street is that the work’s occupational health department will pay towards the cost of new specs. That’s a bonus.

My PC is on the blink. For some months when booted up it has claimed to find new hardware. Even though there isn’t any new hardware there for it to find. Today it failed to boot up Windows when I turned it on. It’s done that twice in the last month. I’m beginning to wonder if I should be looking at getting a new PC soon. After all, my current one is now nearly three years old. I wonder if NeverWinter Nights runs on Windows 7. If it doesn’t, Windows 7 can go whistle.

Regular readers might recall that last Friday I set up an account to sort out my leccie and gas bills on-line. It hasn’t worked, so I phoned the leccie people to sort out the problem. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing they told me that the problem was that it hadn’t worked. These leccie people are very incisive, you know. They’ve now set up the account so’s I can give them meter readings, and so’s they can tell me how much in credit I am with them. From what I can see, I’m in enough credit to pay for a new PC. All I need to do now is get that money back off of them.

Beard Update: Oh, it’s awful. I hate it *so* much……

At nine days of growth, this is now the longest time during which I have ever had a beard. I have now officially beaten the last beard growth of eight days over cub camp in August 2003. I can’t help but feel it might look a bit better if it wasn’t quite so grey. Between the on-line donations and the works-based sponsor form, the sponsorship has now reached thirty quid.

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  1. Hmmmmm, thought about auditionng for a donald pleasance looky like? :o)