15 Mo-Vember 2009 (Sunday) - Dull Sunday

In 2005 when I did my post-graduate certificate as part of developing a reflective nature (!) my tutor suggested that I compiled a “top ten” of my year’s events. Bearing in mind I do seem to be slightly more active than the average badger, I can remember having some difficulty coming up with that list. Not so much in making the list, more in deciding what events didn’t make the top ten. It was for the year 2005 – 06, and the Rye bonfire parade of November 05 came into that list at number nine. Were I to make a similar list this year, Rye bonfire parade would certainly be in it.

So, today was something of an anticlimax. Which was probably for the best, as I was feeling just a tad under the weather. I eventually emerged from my pit about 11am and put up an album of photos from last night on Facebook. And then I did some research. I can remember Ashford having a bonfire parade in years gone by – we used to come over to march round with the Boys Brigade band in the late 70s and early 80s. But I could find no mention on the Internet at all about it. Perhaps it’s something that could be revived?

Spider-Pig” is now up to being handled. If you like that sort of thing. I’m not sure if I do.

A minor hiccup with the Sunday roast dinner. ‘er indoors TM managed to lose the meat. I’m not sure quite what went wrong, but the meat was missing. Fortunately it turned up (eventually), but I’m afraid that today was so dull that missing pork chops was as good as it got.

Which was surprising, considering tonight was one of the Doctor Who specials. We watched it after bowling. Having it on the SkyPlus box meant we could have watched it anytime, but I’d rather have watched it before I got told what happened. And if you haven’t seen it, what happens is…..

Let’s just say that the last few Doctor Who episodes have had a similar theme. They start good, and about two thirds of the way through you can spot the point at which it just goes down the pan….

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