11 Mo-Vember 2009 (Wednesday) - Friendly Mutton Chops

I’m now officially over a third of the way through Mo-Vember, and the beard has had a serious haircut. There was no denying that from an objective viewpoint, I had grown a rather substantial beard. It was quite the envy of some of the less furry of my fellow members of Team O-Mo. However the thing itched like crazy and was making the area of my neck around my collar quite sore. And (far be it from me to appear vain) it was very grey.

I had always planned to prune the thing in mid-November anyway, so the haircut wasn’t entirely unexpected and was only a few days early. Following remarks from the family that I looked like a hobo, they might now think twice about commenting in future. I’ve gone for a style known as the “friendly mutton chops”. Despite a search on the Internet, I can’t work out what’s so “friendly” about it. Whilst I absolutely loathed and despised the beard, I quite like the “chops”. I think it makes me look Edwardian. I’m in a very small minority in thinking that, but then, I’m used to being in a minority.

Still, it can’t be all bad – together with the various beards at work, the sponsorship is now at one hundred and thirty quid.

I had to re-boot my PC this morning as the anti-virus email extension didn’t initialise. And again this evening as the resident shield wasn’t active. (I have no idea what this means, I just report the facts). I wonder if this is more evidence that my poor old PC is on the way out. If so, I really need to be thinking about exactly what I want from a new PC. After all, I bought this one purely to play NeverWinter Nights 2, and I actually spent less than an hour on the game before going back to the original.

Back to the dentist - “Daddies Little Angel TM ” wasn’t getting any better, and so we asked to bring next week’s appointment forward. I got to stand and watch whilst she had a root canal filling done. Now I’ve watched it done, and have in the past had one done myself. I know which I prefer.

On the way to work I bought some bottled beers for the weekend (just in case). Tesco were knocking them out at three bottles for four quid. But at the weekend we’d been into Waitrose, and I’d seen “Blues” in there. I do like that stuff, and fancied a couple of bottles of it. So to Waitrose where I only got two bottles for my four quid. And I checked their salads again. Even though Tesco’s have increased the prices of theirs by 10p, Tesco are still over a quid cheaper (and you get more). I’m reliably informed that Waitrose stuff is better quality. Let’s just hope that for their sake there are enough people who are prepared to pay for that quality. Meanwhile Tesco’s are handing out toffee-nut lattes to all and sundry. Cheaper, and free coffee too. I know where I’m going shopping in future…

And then to Brian’s house for tea. Him and the Bat have been getting all culinary. A smashing bit of scoff – must do that again soon…..


  1. I think it must be your expression but there is a hint of Donald Pleasance in that mutton chop picture. You look a bit fierce. Or...I bet you could get a part in the play Christmas Carol.....you would be great.

  2. I do like the friendly face fur and I agree with you it looks very Edwardian