14 January 2020 (Tuesday) - Late Shift

I slept like a log, eventually waking to the sound of Treacle’s whimpering shortly before seven o’clock. I lifted her from the floor, and she soon dozed off laying next to me. When I got up I tripped over Pogo who was laying on the floor. Hopefully they will both stay off the bed again tonight.
As I scoffed toast Fudge lay in his basket until he heard movement upstairs. The very second he heard Pogo’s stomping about he got up and came and sat with me.

I had my usual peruse if the Internet. Someone was selling two large stone mushroom garden ornaments. She claimed to have had them valued at two hundred and fifty quid each, but only wanted two hundred and fifty quid for both. I suspect she did her own valuations - you can buy very similar items brand new at Whelan’s for fifteen quid each. Someone else was selling Disney-branded cushions (which she admitted were old and frayed), and another person was trying to flog worn clothes. Back in the day you would give your tat to the Boys Brigade who would run a jumble sale to raise funds. Nowadays you sell it yourself and pocket the profit. I see this as the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.
I went into Facebook’s settings and turned off all the marketplace adverts. Perhaps I’ll see a little less of that sort of rubbish from now on?
One or two people were talking about Prince Harry’s desire to become financially independent; I say “talking about”; “laughing at” would be a more accurate description. Since having announced he wants to step down as a professional Royal he’s gone from being one of the most respected people in the country to being something of a national joke. Amazing how someone’s public image can change so quickly.
I had a Facebook friend request from someone with whom I used to work back in 1981.I’d not heard from him in years. I can remember him being rather disgruntled at being done for speeding on the Lewes bypass when the charge sheet said he was going at ninety-eight miles per hour and he was insistent he was going at over a hundred.

I took the dogs for a walk round the park. Now that Sid has gone home, the dog walk was *far* easier. Sid does straggle. Our walk passed off well. We had no “episodes”, we had no fights. We all played nicely with other dogs. We did tiddle up the wheel of the van of the nice people who were doing the landscaping in the park, but I think we got away with that.
I came home and harvested the dog dung from the lawn. I got a bumper crop.

As I walked to my car I got rather wet in the rain. The rain that wasn't forecast until after mid-day!
I drove off west-wards. As I drove  the pundits on the radio were interviewed a mother whose daughter had recently had plastic surgery on her nose. The child (aged fifteen) hadn't liked the shape of her beak so she'd turned up at some clinic or other and asked them to re-design it. The clinic did just that and sent the mother a bill for thousands of pounds. Mother was understandably furious. It turned out that the people at the clinic said that they thought the child was in her twenties, that they'd not asked for any identification, and they still wanted their bill paying.
It is (apparently) a legalistic grey area whether or not the bill should be paid.
A reputable plastic surgeon was then wheeled on who said this sort of thing happens all the time. It was claimed that anyone can set up shop doing nose jobs and botox injections. There is more control and regulation over tattoo studios than there is over these so-called cosmetic clinics.
There was then an interview with the supporters of the rival candidates for the post of leader of the Labour party. There was some consternation expressed when one of these people openly admitted that she'd nominated Emily Thornberry for the post but intended to vote for Sir Kiers Starmer. She felt that it was important to have a range of candidates on the ballot paper, even if she had already decided for whom she was going to vote. (!)

Yesterday on the way to work I capped four bouncers. As you do if you are that way inclined. On this morning's journey I only capped one, and failed miserably at three others. Ho-hum...
I got to work, and had a rather good bit of dinner. The vegetable lasagne was not too shabby at all. And at tea time we had sweeties. Fruit Salads and Black Jacks!! oh yes!!
I don't usually blog about work, but one thing was memorable today. We had a patient with diagnosis of senile dementia. This isn't unusual, but this patient was two years younger than me. That made me sit up and take notice.

As the day wore on "er indoors TM" messaged me to say that things were bouncing in Tenterden. Tenterden could be on my way home if I took a different route to that which I usually take. I took a different route.
It was a shame that the storm had brought down so many branches to block the roads. I was only an hour later home than I might have been, but I did get a bonus bouncer…

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