13 May 2017 (Saturday) - Cite Europe

I woke (shivering) to find that most of the duvet had been seized by an alliance of "er indoors TM" and two small dogs. I conceded defeat and went downstairs. I had some stuff to do on the lap-top. I turned it on and it announced it was completing an update. It took an hour and a half to sort itself out, and from what I can see the only difference is an upgraded version of Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge) and in all honesty who uses that anyway?
The lap-top finally became useable about ten minutes before we were due to go out; I decided to revise my itinerary later.

Leaving "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" in charge of the hounds we set off to Folkestone. A quick cuppa, then (with Jose driving) four of us set off to the Eurotunnel terminal. There was minor consternation as there had been delays reported, but we were only half an hour (or so) late getting Le Shuttle.
After our rather good trip to Bruges a few months ago we’d suggested a day in Cite Europe. I’d not been there for years. We had a good mooch around. We started in the Disney shop, then I got myself a crème brule ice cream. The nice lady (le femme belle) on the ice cream stall complemented me on my excellent spoken French; however in retrospect it is just possible she was taking the piss. We continued mooching, then went to The Black Bull for a spot of lunch. Whilst everyone else scoffed mussels (moules) I had a horse-burger and chips washed down with a rather good pint of Liefman’s. It was just like Vimto. Lovely. And with that devoured I had the most enormous plate of profiteroles.
Feeling suitably replete we went to the toy shop to get Lacey a cat keyring and Jake a robot turtle. We then went on to Carrefour (a French Tesco) where they were having a wine tasting. I tasted several, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the wine I liked the most was by far the cheapest. I bought a crate of the stuff.

By now time was pushing on so we made our way back to the car. We had a few minutes to spare at the Eurotunnel terminal; there was a nice man there offering free gin to interested parties. I was interested. The neat gin tasted like acid, but chilled and served with cucumber it made a nice refreshing drink. I didn’t buy any; we’ve had gin in the cupboard for years.
They were also offering free samples of wine too. I tried four. The best of the four was vastly inferior to what I’d bought at French Tesco, and one bottle of this stuff was more than the crate I’d bought at French Tesco too. But I was grateful for the free samples.
I slept most of the way home.

Once home we took the dogs round the park. We got half way only to find "er indoors TM" had lost Treacle’s lead. We backtracked most of our walk to find the lead, then carried on and came home. I was glad to finally stop.
We had a light tea whilst watching this evening’s “Doctor Who”; it was good to watch it on the evening it was broadcast; that way I didn’t get to read all sorts of spoilers on Facebook.

I’m worn out…

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