11 May 2017 (Thursday) - Early Shift

After I’d had my morning fix of “BattleStar Galactica” I filled in a questionnaire for Pieroth Wines. They were offering free mugs as a thank-you for answering their questions, but I’m sure they will be wanting more. I suspect they will ask me to host a wine tasting evening. I quite like the idea of that. Do any of my loyal readers fancy coming along? I’ve been to a Pieroth wine tasting before. You’ll be expected to buy some, but the evening will be something of a giggle.

I had a quick look-see round the Internet. Late last night I posted on the “Geoaching in Kent” page asking of anyone fancied another geo-ghost hunt in London. There were a few positive replies this morning, so that plan might just be good to go.

With no emails of note I set off to work. As I walked to my car I saw the vicarage up the road was up for sale. There have been rumours about Christchurch closing down; perhaps it *is* going?
The roads were certainly quieter than what I am used to as I drove at 6.30am. The pundits on the radio were mostly talking election drivel, but there were a couple of interesting snippets. Apparently the British native lizard is under threat from the European wall lizard which has established itself in the UK. And official figures ow how that people with HIV have a life expectancy much the same as that of the general public. What a success story for medical science. I can remember going to a seminar about the sixth HIV case in the UK (in 1982) and HIV was then seen to be the death of humanity.

I got to work for the early shift, and did my bit. I spent much of the day worrying about Pogo. Treacle’s brother and "Daddy’s Little Angel TM"’s smallest dog; Pogo had his “bits” surgically removed by the vet today. A routine operation, but still cause for worry.
An early start made for an early finish. I was home two hours earlier than usual, and with a bright afternoon I made the most of the time and got the last of the shingle washed. It was very generous of nice-next-door to let me have their unwanted shingle, but getting it clean for use was backbreaking work. I’ve now got the garden so’s all the shingled areas are now sorted (I think).

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of scran, then went off to her monthly craft evening. I considered suggesting she took the puppy with her, but thought better of doing so. Instead I watched more “BattleStar Galactica” and did some preparation for my planned geo-ghost hunt in London.

My elbow hurts; I think I overdid washing the shingle…

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