31 January 2014 (Friday) - Being Evasive...

I didn’t sleep a wink last night. That would be stress. And after a brekkie I didn’t want (stress again) I set off to the train station. For once the price of a ticket to London as charged at the ticket office agreed with the price quoted by the web site. As the train went through the Kent countryside I soon lost interest in my Kindle app and stared out of the window. So much flooding. I know we’ve had a lot of rain recently, but I had no idea how flooded so much of the county was.

Once at Waterloo East I walked (via three geocaches) to Kennington where… One day I will blog at great length about why I went to Kennington today and why I now work in Canterbury, and why I am so skint these days, but not today. However I will say that after an ordeal which I would not wish on my worst enemy a blot has been expunged from my escutcheon.
I made my way back to Waterloo via another geocache. The rain started so I thought I might take a bus. I didn’t though. I tried. The surly git driving the bus grunted that the fare was £2.40. I offered him a fiver. He refused to take it as he wouldn’t give me any change. He claimed that it was company policy only to accept correct money and not to offer change. What rubbish! So I walked up Kennington Lane in the rain, and shall make a formal complaint about the driver of bus DW279 when I get a minute.

I got on the rush hour train, and got back to Ashford to find torrential rain. But time was pressing so I pushed on to astro club. Bearing in mind the success of “Stargazing Live” a couple of weeks ago the turn-out tonight was disappointing. I expect the weather was to blame. But we had a good meeting; it was only a shame I had to leave early. I couldn’t stay as late as I would have liked; I’ve got to work this weekend…

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