26 January 2014 (Sunday) - Bekesbourne in the Rain

Having anaesthetised myself with a gutful of ale last night I was hoping for a good night’s sleep. I would probably have managed it if a small dog hadn’t decided to fetch his bone up to my bed last night, sit on my legs and start chewing it.
It wasn’t his bone-gnawing that woke me; it was ‘er indoors TM sending him packing that did.

The weather forecast for today had progressively got worse all week; and today looked as though it was going to be a wet one. So we had a dilemma. Do we stay in and sulk that we hadn’t gone for a walk, or do we go out and sulk that we were wet.
We decided to go out.
Three of us and two small dogs drove out to Bekesbourne to do the “Bug Hunt” series of geocaches. Most were there, some need a little bit of maintenance. One was completely missing. The walk was a good one; it took us right through the middle of Howletts Zoo. We saw river hogs and elephants. It was a shame that the weather was against us; we might have seen tigers given better weather.
It was muddy in parts; very muddy. The first part of our walk featured a footpath which had been formally closed by the council because of the floods (we walked it anyway). And the day was cold and wet. We started off with two small dogs; by the end of the walk they looked like sea-lions. We were finished within three hours; normally we would have found somewhere else to carry on walking; today we just came home to get warm and dry.
I took a few photos whilst we were out.

Once home I realised a mistake I’d made. A couple of weeks ago we’d had “Stargazing Live” with the astro club. Today I was told I’d not paid the hall hire costs. Woops. I’d written out the cheque and had it signed. The cheque was dated from over two weeks ago. I just forgot all about it.

And with ‘er indoors TM off out with her mates I sat with my dog in front of the telly and dozed. I wish I could sleep when I am supposed to do so…

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