12 January 2014 (Sunday) - Rough Common

For some inexplicable reason my innards weren't right last night. Is it just possible that a surfiet of chili wasn't sitting well on top of a gallon of ale?
I checked ot Facebook over a bit of brekkie. Last night's "Stargazing Live" seemed to have gone down well. It usually does.

And then we set off (a little later than planned) to collect "Gordon Tracy". Three us us and two smal dogs made our way to Upper Harbledown. We were soon in Rough Common Woods which, contrary to first impressionss, is a rather posh part of a rather posh area. The car park in the woods was incredibly buisy, with a small car selling a range of fresh-made coffees at exhorbitant prices.
We walked a circular route round the woods; picking up about twenty geocaaches as we went. It was a good day to be out. The rain held off, but the ground was muddy. The dogs got filthy.
I've never been to Rough Common Woods before, and if not for hunting tupperware I doubt I would ever have gone there. It was a good place for a day out.

After three (or so) hours we were back where we started, but with a couple of hours of daylight left it was too early to go home, so we drove down to Lower Harbledown where, after another hour's walking, we found another half a dozen caches. On this walk "Furry Face TM" was allowed off of his lead, and (for a change) he was really well behaved.

Once home a small dog had a bath; being so low to the ground he really accumulates the mud. And after a rather good bit of tea er indoors TM" set off bowling. I set the dishwasher doing its thing, and set the washing machine doing it's monthly de-scale. I would also have done my dog's monthly anti-flea treatment but we would seem to have run out of the jollop. We'll go to see the vet in the week...

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