31 December 2013 (Tuesday) - New Year's Eve

After the excesses of last night I didn't get out of my pit until gone 10am this morning, That happens so rarely. Over a spot of brekkie I had a look at the New Year's Honours List. I suppose that there are decent people in that list who have been given recognition for tireless effort in charitable work. Mind you there is no denying that a lot of awards have been given to people in recognition for various things for which they already get six (or more) figure salaries.
Having seen decent people doing all sorts of community work for years for no reward, and all sorts of other people getting medals for doing their paid job I am utterly convinced that the so-called "honours" system should be scrapped.

I took "Furry Face TM" for his walk as he seemed to be going stir-crazy. We had an urban walk today as the fields would be so wet after the rain, and I wanted to see how many other people had had their fences blown down.
We came home just as er indoors TM" was going out shopping, so I made myself a cuppa and did the monthly accounts. Could be a whole lot worse I suppose. I backed up the year's digital photos; a job which didn't take anywhere near as long as I thought it might, and with the weather against doing anything I then played Candy Crush until er indoors TM" came home.

We then went down to Folkestone for the traditional New Year bash. Excellent food, good fun. I learned the dangers of hob nobs.
A shame that a recovering back decided to act up.... 2013 hasn't been a bad year really; but it could have gone better in a few places. Let's seen what the future holds...

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