9 January 2014 Thursday) - Malware

I had a reasonable night's sleep (for a change) and came down to find the newly plumbed-in dishwashed hadn't leaked overnight. er indoors TM" set off getting the er indoors TM"-mobile through its MOT and I set all the washing machines to scrubbing dishes and undercrackeres and took my dog for a walk. We went on a rather circuitous walk today' through the park to Gaswoks Lane, then past the Foundry and along Victoria Road to the ford. From here we came back through the park, and home via Oak Tree Road. As we went I couldn't help but nosey through people's windows. a lot of peple still have their Christmas decorations up you know.

Whilst we were out we ran into several old friends, and had quite a few good old gossips. What woould normally have been just over an hour's walk took us nearly two hours. Once home I found I'd not actually set the washing machine going. That was rather a waste of time.
Whilst the washing machine did have a go at my smalls I send out some invites to a birthday party. If any of my loyal readers haven't recevied an invite (and would like one) could you please let me know.

I then backed up the last week's worth of blog entries and was rather ashamed of all the spelling misstakes. Unfortunately OpenOffice doesn't have a spell checker. So I downloaded what seemed to be the official OpenOffice dictionary (from the OpenOffice website) only to find it was a conduit hack package. I then spent an hour or so trying to get one thousand (or so) suspect files off of my laptop. Perhaps I'm naive, but I never expected a link from OpenOffice's startup screen to take me to a hacking download site.
I suppose this is the trouble with open source software - you never really know who's giving you something for nothing.

Whilst countless scans ran and re-ran on my laptop I watched the last two episodes of "Death comes to Pemberley". I watched the first episode yesterday; it was slow. However the show picked up somewhat in today's two episodes. Mr Wickham was something of a beast; but then he always was. Mind you I wwasn't entirely sure that Colonel Fitzwilliam's intentions to Miss Georgiana weren't entirely honorable.
With the D'arcy family once more happy I wondered why the laptop scanniing was taking so long. Eventually I realised that what I thought was a PC scan was yet another scam. Any downloaded conduit removal tool merely claimed to find hundreds of files and then asked for money to removel them. In the end good old AVG and Windows Defender came to the rescue. And these people helped too.

After quite a loot of farting about I think I've got my laptop fixed. if anyone gets any iffy messgaes from me then clearly the spybots have eluded me. And if anyone knows how to get a spell checker into OpenOffice I would love to know the secret...

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