25 January 2014 (Saturday) - Tracked Things

Another grotty night; having seen every hour of the night until 5am I finally dozed off only to be licked awake by an excitable small dog at 7am. I had some brekkie and was a bit miffed as I read my morning emails. A new geocache had gone live not far from Canterbury. Had I been working today the opportunity for a crafty First to Find would have presented itself. But I do that journey often enough; I didn’t want to do it again. And petrol’s not cheap.
As ‘er indoors TM  set off to an extraordinary meeting of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Candlemongers I was left home alone. I’ve known that this was coming for some time. I could have gone out on the beer; but money is tight; especially with a few other sessions on the lash looming over the next few weeks and months. So I had what was intended to be a rather dull day at home.

I took “Furry Face TM for a walk. The recent floods haven’t abated so getting to Frogs Island is problematical so we went round the park. I forgot that on Saturday mornings the park is monopolised by the runners.
It has been said that my urine is a very volatile fluid; my piss boiled this morning. I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject of running but I do have very firm views on the subject. It is an activity which should only be used in one (or both) of two very specific circumstances. Either one is running after a bus, or one is running away from a dangerous wild animal. I can see no other reason why one should run.
But if anyone should run, you would think they might learn how to do it before having a go in public. Today’s runners were running in much the same way that the fruits of my loin first took to bicycles (when four years old). They were all staggering and swaying from side to side of every path, pouring with sweat and gasping for air. As I walked through the park I could see a constant stream of breathless joggers (all on the point of collapse) falling over all the other dogs in the park.
We turned round and came home.

I did a little housework. Washing up (which is now automated) and laundry. In a fit of boredom I stripped out the glassware cupboard and put all the household glasses through the dishwasher (it does bring them up a treat!). I’ve often wondered why I can never get that cupboard to close; it’s got twenty five pint glasses inside. Including one from the 14th Luton beer festival (where did that come from?). And that’s not counting the two shelves of commemorative beer glasses from beer festivals in the living room.
If any of my loyal reader need a pint glass, I’m your man.

I then spent a little while playing with my ongoing Lego train set project. The extra bits of track I ordered arrived some time ago. So I laid the track out, and it is now complete. All I now need is a better connection between batteries and motor and a table big enough to have it all set up. And then I start looking for 1970s Lego buildings to go round it. If any of my loyal readers have any old lego buildings in their attics, or a rather large table, think of me.
After a quick spot of lunch I popped round to see  “My Boy TM ”. I’d acquired a marble track and took it round for Lacey. She lost interest in building it after about three minutes (certainly less than five), but the two biggest kids had fun making it and playing with it.
It seemed to have been a day for tracked toys.

A new geocache went live late in the afternoon. I ran for a First to Find; I got to where the sat-nav said to park. I got within twenty yards of the cache and the worst rain I have ever seen hit. I was soaked to the skin in the twenty yards run back to the car. The winds were incredible, and there was lightning too. I’d driven down without problem; driving back involved doing slaloms round branches and trees that had just come down in the wind.

And so on to Sevenoaks. CA had her belated birthday bash, and it was good to catch up with friends of whom we see far too little. A few beers went down very nicely.
And on the way home we found a geocache or two…

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