7 January 2014 (Tuesday) - Malingering

I woke with something of a headache this morning. It got worse as I had my morning scrape. I then settled down to a lonely breakfast as my dog was still asleep.
I still cannot get my head round the fact that he is not a greedy dog. Every other dog of my acquaintance has been a gannet; wolfing down any food. My Patagonian Tripe-Hound is not at all like that. He is very fussy about what he eats. if he doesn't like something he makes it plain and simply doesn't eat it. That twenty quid I spent on the bargain Trophy pet food was money down the drain; and much of the tinned food I buy him goes to waste. Sardines however he hoovers up in seconds.
Over the last few weeks "Furry Face TM" has been more and more reticent about sharing the crusts of my morning toast. Last weekend he would only lick the marmalade off; and now he won't even bother with the toast at all.
Over brekkie I watched a couple of episodes of "Family Guy"; the SkyPlus box seems to be recording them at double the rate I can watch them. It's amusing enough, but like all American TV shows I have the distinct feeling that I am missing half of the jokes.

In a novel break with tradition the pundits on the radio were talking sense for once. There are calls for people to be charged to be seen in hospitals Accident and Emergency departments.
Apparently one such department has announced that twelve thousand people accounted for two hundred thousand A&E consultations; with some of these malingerers presenting over four a week (every week) with absoluely nothing wrong with them.
The idea is that people hand over money before they are seen by medical staff, and if they are truly unwell then their money is refunded. In theory this will discourage time wasters. And it would save money; maybe even generate a little income to hospitals. And perhaps it will make the time-wasters realise there is nothing wrong with them.
Interestingly as I drove home the bleeding hearts were on the radio complaining about this proposal. Apparently it discriminates against those who are so stupid that they cannot distinguish between a fart and rectal cancer (!)

The radio also had mention about possible cuts to the Environment Agency There was consternation about this as there was concerns about funding of flood defences; something rather dear to many people at the moment as the country slowly sinks under the waves. There was a politician (of some sort) being interviewed who seemed to think that the private sector might do more to help with the nation's flood defences.
Personally I can't see how a privatised sea wall or shares in the Thames Barrier would work; but what do I know?

I did my bit at work, and came home a little earlier than usual. We had time for a quick walk so we went round teh block, with my dog barking at pretty much everything and anything. Once home again I wrestled the carcass of the old dishwasher out of it's hole and (with some help) dragged it into the front garden.
Matt came roound, and we made plans for the birthday party. There is a birthday party in the offing; if any of my loyal readers haven't had their invite in a week or so so remind me to send it.
We then had our Tuesday gathering; albeit with somewhat reduced numbers. With no "Merlin" discs to hand we watched old episodes of Star Trek. You can't go wrong with a bit of the old final front ear...

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