29 January 2014 (Wednesday) - Busy, Busy...

Over brekkie I got cross with my lap-top. From time to time the thing becomes unusable because of warnings about a problem with the cooling system. Last night I got as much of the back off of it as I could to blow out any dust. I gave all the vents a good puff as well.
I’ve looked up the problem on the Internet. Apparently these warnings are a known glitch in this make of lap-top. Or, to be more precise, known to everyone but the manufacturer. It would seem that there is some software fault which makes this alert come up randomly, but the manufacturer ignores all reports about it. Presumably because they can’t fix the problem. If any of my loyal readers are thinking about buying a new lap-top, look at my one and buy one made by a different company.

An early start today; I’d arranged to have my car serviced at 8am. I took “Furry Face TM “ with me for the drive. The idea was we could then go on for a walk. Maybe geocache maintenance out Sevington way; maybe a mooch round Willesborough.
Seeing the pouring rain we just came straight back home again. As we walked “Furry Face TM “ took the opportunity to bark at nearly every car that drove past us as well as two buses, a white van and two trains. Some mornings he just gets on with his walk; sniffing as he goes. Other mornings he feels the need to bark at the universe and every single one of its contents. I often wonder why.

I saw something on line that made me think. Bearing in mind the utter fiasco that was made by the badger culls last year, perhaps I might get my loyal readers to have a look at this petition and see if we can’t stop any possible culls in Kent.
Following on from that I found myself reading a lot of the politics of the local Green party. It’s no secret that I honestly believe that voting Conservative is a fundamentally evil thing to do. (Sorry!) It’s also no secret that I have no time for the Dribbling Democraps. And despite being a life-long leftie, I can’t help but feel that the Labour party are not as good in practice as they are in theory.
Is voting Green purely because you fancy the local candidate a sound political decision?

It wasn’t long before the garage phoned to say my car was ready – and they even sent someone out to drive me to collect the car. I was billed one hundred and fifty quid; and that was including the discount because the garage had sent us a Christmas card with a fifteen quid off voucher. I was the teensiest bit miffed at the price because they’d given me an estimated cost of one hundred and thirty quid. Still; I shouldn’t grumble really.
I then drove down to Stanhope to collect a table, and came home to load up with all sorts of other bits and bobs and drove them down to Folkestone to deliver them to “Daddy’s Little Angel TM. She seemed chuffed with her haul.
Home via a crafty geocache in Sandgate (that I couldn’t find) and a petrol station. I then did the monthly accounts. No money was taken last month for Fudge’s service plan since Christmas. Apparently I get a month free in January. That’s a result.

I then put the lead onto “Furry Face TMand we walked up to the sorting office; the postman had been whilst we were out and had left a parcel that by rights I should have received about a month ago.
‘er indoors TM set off to arky-ologee club. I could have gone. I suppose. But I’ve not been for over two years; whenever I went I used to sleep through it. And she was having a committee meeting afterwards so I would have had to hang around. So I stayed home and watched more “Jeeves and Wooster”. I wonder where I can get a Jeeves…

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  1. Thinking of voting Green?
    I did, never again.
    They have made the roads of Brighton a danger zone for cars, pedestrians & cyclists.
    Not just my view, many others are starting to see the folly of their ineptitude.
    After spending millions on Lewes Road last year a pedestrian is fighting for her life because the road is now almost impossible to cross.
    The "travelers" are now given our parks for months on end.
    give me dribling democrats anytime over these namby pambys.
    Think carefully before you make your mark.