5 January 2014 (Sunday) - Hawkinge

"My Boy TM" was something of the hero last night (apparently). Whilst having his late-night fag he saw someone breaking into a car parked nearby and he squealed them up to the pigs. It turned out that the car they were breaking into had already been stolen and was abandoned up his street.
I aam reliably informed it was all rather exciting.

After a relatively late brekkie we collected "Gordon Tracy" and three of us (and two small dogs) made our way to Hawkinge for a stroll through the mud. We had a good outing. Those of our party who enjoy eating turds of various flavours (there were two of that ilk) had their fill. Those who like hunting plastic hunted to their hearts content.
We had a really good walk before lunch just north of Reinden Wood; meeting a family who had only just taken up geocaching. We gave them some pointers and some warnings. We met a strange couple of chaps who were obviously out ferreting. And we found mud. Lots of it.
After a couple of miles we were back at the car where we lunched in relative warmth before driving a mile or so to Acrise to make our way round a second series of caches.

This second series of caches gave us a harder time than the first. One of the caches was especially tricky... let's just say that it took an hour to find. And two of them were in positions that were just the teensiest bit cheeky (if a small plastic box can be cheeky).

As always I took some photos of the day. Several of my loyal readers have sommented that they might like to come along on some of these weekend walks. Everyone is welcome; The more the merrier..
Next week (weather permitting) we are going to a place with a wonderful name - "Rough Common". If anyone wold like to come along just drop me a line. And don't be put off - having a small dog or a propensity for seeking out sandwich boxes isn'r compulsory.

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