22 January 2014 (Wednesday) - Stuff

My piss boiled over brekkie this morning. Yesterday I spent hours preparing a set of puzzle caches. This morning the entire lot were turned down. I only had to make a small change to each one to make them acceptable. I was asked "Can you remove the business name "Google" from all the cache pages as names of businesses are not allowed on cache pages". As a hint to solving the puzzles I'd set I'd written "Google is always helpful". I changed the wording on eleven cache pages to read "The Internet is always helpful".
It's not a big deal, but what winds me up is the inconsistency in the way that the rules of geocaching are applied. There is a nearby geocache which went live a year ago. The cache description is one big advert for a local business. I received an email from Geocaching dot com today telling me about a meet-up of tupperware hunters which will take place in a couple of weeks time. That meet's web page has a company name openly displayed.
I'm now compiling a list of geocaches which have companies mentioned in the cache description; especially Google. If any of my loyal readers know of any, please drop me a line to boil my piss some more. In the same way that some people are allowed to put caches in playgrounds and some people are allowed to put caches on roundabouts, it would seems that only some people are allowed to mention the G-word. And as always I'm on the "no" list.

The weather was rather yukky, but small dogs want their walks regardless of the weather. We went out round the park and down past Singleton Lake where we had a minor altercation with a postman. "Furry Face TM" doesn’t like postmen. We walked past no end of people today, but it was the postmen with whom he wanted to pick a fight.
We then went on to Singleton shops. It is there where we meet Suzy and “Gordon Tracy” when we are going on our weekly Tupperware-hunts. When we drive there my dog goes ballistic at the sight of the place. When we walk he hardly bats an eyelid. Perhaps it looks different from a car?
It was at this point that he chased a squirrel up the tree. He got a surprisingly long way up the tree before tumbling back down. The squirrel was obviously used to being chased up trees by passing Patagonian Tripe-Hounds, and it stopped and mocked "Furry Face TM" from a height of about twelve feet.

From here we came home. Once home I hosed the dirt from my dog, and we both had a bite of lunch. I then had a bit of a tidy up, hoovered with a Dyson (it’s the only way to Hoover), and then ironed whilst watching “Snatch”. I then sorted my undercrackers and I did the monthly accounts. I could do with a little more money; I would be rather better off if I didn’t have to go to London next week.

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