14 January 2014 (Tuesday) - This n That

Yesterday I drove a round trip of over three hundred miles. I carried a whole load of stuff from one house into a van, and then out of the van, up a rather steep flight of stairs and into another house. I then had a rather late night. So why on Earth was I waking up at 2.35am?

Even my dog was more tired than me this morning and he didn’t get out of his pit at all whilst I watched episodes of “Family Guy” over my brekkie. I then had a rather earlier start than usual. I had to do the paperwork with the return of the van I hired yesterday. I’d actually parked the thing on the forecourt of the vehicle hire company last night, but no one was there to accept return at 9pm.
Doing the “returning the van paperwork” went relatively painlessly, and as I’d brought "Furry Face TM" up to “rentacardotcom” for the walk, we continued our walk. Along the ring road, then down Hythe Road. Woofing at every single vehicle in the rush hour as we went. We then went across the railway by the North School into Willesborough and into Frogs Island where I let him off the lead. He was as good as gold.

We popped into the vets at “Pets at Home” on the way. As I walked in there was a small chap outside the shop desperately trying to control what I can only describe as a “Death Hound”; this dog was snarling, barking and trying to bite everything in its sight. Including the small chap desperately trying to control said dog. At the vet’s counter was an incredibly large woman loudly telling the receptionist that her dog was loveable and was as meek as a lamb, but for everyone’s safety all the animals in the vet’s waiting area needed to be evacuated before her "Death Hound” was brought in to see the vet. The incredibly large woman was not happy to be told that it was not company policy to remove all the animals before admitting one problem case. And the offer of the use of a muzzle didn’t go down at all well.
I picked up "Furry Face TM"'’s flea treatment stuff; after all that was why we were there. Before I did, "Furry Face TM" had to be weighed. He’s now ten point four kilogrammes, which is two pounds heavier than he was. Both of us need to go on a diet.

Once home "Furry Face TM" had a quick bath. Not a full blown scrub; I just hosed the muck from his paws and belly. He’s getting quite used to this and now jumps into the bath for his wash. I then Dysonned, but didn’t like it very much, so I Hoovered with a Dyson. Much more fun. Washing went into both machines (laundry and crockery) and I had a look at the astro club’s accounts. The recent Stargazing Live event came in slightly on the plus side financially. I then chased up the doctor’s about this referral to a sleep clinic. They’ve done their side of the paperwork and are waiting to hear back from the clinic. I shall have to be more patient.

And my new phone battery arrived. One of my old spare batteries had given up the ghost. So I got a new one. When I got my phone, the new batteries were over a tenner on eBay; now they are only three quid. It’s a shame they can’t make generic “one size fits all” batteries. I then ironed for an hour or so, and then spent several hours trying to solve geo-puzzles. I am reliably informed that I was wasting my time with all that work on the Fibonnacci series.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered - this time at Queen Street. We listened to the radio for a litle, and heard tales of a local driving instructor havingseen a UFO. Oh we did chuckle. And then we watched more of "Merlin". Good stuff...

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