3 January 2014 (Friday) - Dishwashers

I had a rather traumatic dream last night in which (at very short notice) certain denizens of Queen Street staged a pantomime. The box office of this panomime took a *lot* of money with which I had been asked to deal. I spent most of the night carrying piles of assorted coinage and notes with absolutely no idea what I was supposed to be doing with it.
I woke feeling more tired than when I went to bed. I got up to find "Furry Face TM" fast asleep on the sofa. He didn't stir at all as I came down; and I got just the smallest wag of his tail when I stroked him. He too seemed to have had a bad night.

Over brekkie my piss boiled. After one bright day yesterday the storms had returned with a vengeance. The Prime Minister was whinging that the insurance companies hadn't done enough for victims the current floods.
And victims of floods nearby were complaining to the Prime Minister that not eniugh had been done. Why bother? What do they honestly expect from a Conservative Prime Minister?
It is at times like this that the stupidity of the general public wind me up. Leaving aside the blatent opportunism of the Dribbling Democraps, the UK's political arena is one in which the electorate has two choices: a strong controlling government which sticks its nose in everything, or a weak laid back government which does nothing but lets industries and privitised companies do it for them (whilst profiteering).
Vicitms of floods are finding out the (very) hard way that socialism isn't always as black as it's painted.

Normally when not working I take "Furry Face TM" for a walk almost immediately after breakfast. But not today. The dishwasher was being delivered. We had a message; a reminder that it was being delivered between 7am and 10:59am (rather precise!) so I stayed in and waited. My little dog didn;t understand and he got rather fractious as we waited. And waited. I had a phone call shortly after 10am to say they would be along in twenty minutes time. Eventually they arrived shortly before mid day. They announced that they wouldn't take the old one away (which we'd paid for them to do), that they wouldn't plumb in the new one (which we'd paid for them to do) and that the new one wouldn't fit anyway (which it didn't).
They suggested that they might take the dishwasher away with them, and that we should argue it out with Currys in the morning. They also gave us the warning that Currys are a bunch of idiots who don't know what they are doing anyway.
Filled with confidence with sales and delivery teams I think the best thing we can do is get a refund and go to another company.

We eventually got our walk round the park rather later than usual. Much of the park was flooded. At one pount I lost my dog. I found him stranded on a grassy outcrop. Normally just a little patch of high ground, today it was an island in a swamp. Two of our usual paths were completely blocked with floodwater, and the river looked very high so we gave up on the idea of a long walk.

Once home I did the Hoovering (with a Dyson) and then ironed. As I ironed I watched the recent Sky TV adaptation of the novel "Moonfleet". "Moonfleet" was based on a novel I was forced to read in my second year at the Hastings Academy for Budding Geniuses; and I can remember that book being awful. Today's TV adaptation wasn't awful; but it was dull. It went on for two hours and nothing really happened at all.
I then fell asleeep for much of the rest of the afternoon...

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