30 January 2014 (Thursday) - Dull

Another good night’s sleep. I went to bed shortly before midnight and was licked awake by my Tripe Hound at 7.30am.
After a swift bit of brekkie I got washing on the go (laundry and crockery) and took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. I thought I’d take a firm line. Every time any kind of vehicle came close I firmly told him “No!” and he didn’t bark at anything. Until I forgot as a lorry came close and he went mental at the lorry. I then went mental at him. He *really* doesn’t need to bark at anything on the roads. I wish he wouldn’t.

I had this idea to pop to the market stall that is always in the town centre. He sells cheap clothes, and I fancied a new pair of “scrat-about” trousers. Today that stall wasn’t there. We then carried our walk along Godinton Road. I had a plan to walk round to the ford and come back through the park, but a phone call meant I had to cut our walk short and we came home. Unnecessarily as it turned out.

I spent much of the remainder of the morning in domestic drudgery vacuuming and cleaning. I even got a mop and bucket and washed much of the muck off of my car.
I had a text message; did I want some bread rolls? Cheryl had acquired far too many of the things, and came round with some. I now have a freezer full of the things.

As Cheryl set off on the school run I fell asleep in front if the telly; waking just in time for a committee meeting of the astro club. Plans for the future; speculation on the recent UFO sighting (!), and home via Tescos for curry.
Yesterday seemed a far more productive day; I didn't really acheive anything today.

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