20 January 2014 (Monday) - In The News

I had another good night's sleep. I must be doing something different to be acheiving this; I just wish I knew what it was. Over brekkie I watched Family Guy. I'm getting rather fed up with that now; must sort out another boxed set of DVDs to watch in the mornings.

Once I'd scraped the ice off of my car I set off to work on a rather cold morning. The morning's news featured an interview with the deputy Prime Minister who was having trouble with one of his underlings.
Lord Rennard has apparently allegedly been rather offensive to the ladies. I don;t know the full details, but it's claimed that he has caused upset. Lord Rennard denies the allegaition, and an eminent QC found that although the women's claims were “credible” they could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt. I can't understand what the deputy Prime Minister is up to here. How can he force someone to apologize if they deny the allegatio, and the weight of legal opinion is on their side?

There was also mention of the Rosetta space probe. Unuusually the pundits did not treat the matter as something deserving of ridicule as is their usual way. Rosetta has been in switch-off mode for nearly three years and it's now nearing its destination comet. the switch on signal has been sent. Has it worked? Has Rosetta reactivated? Let's hope so.

And there was a worrying claim made by the British Retail Consortium. If one beleives what one reads it would seem that crime is on the decrease. Apparently it is not. Apparently it is soaring; the figures are misleading because no one has any confidence in the police and so no one reports crime any more. It's not just me who isn't their greatest fan then...

In the meantime a word of warning to anyone who might consider plugging their fridge into the Internet. It would seem that the average fridge doens't come with anti-virus software; hackers and spammers are targetting smartfridges to get them to then start spamming an unsuspecting public.

All utterly irrelevent to my daily round, but it just goes to show that there is more to life than my petty concerns....

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