11 January 2014 (Saturday) - Double Booked

I was woken by the sound on (not forecast) rain against the window this morning. It's got to stop raining soon!

Over brekkie I checked out social media amd my piss boiled. Why are intelligent people taken in by crackpot nonsense? Someone rather close to me was posting good things about Rife machines. For any of my loyal readers who are unfamiliar wityh the things, Rife machines are crackpottery. The claims made about them which allude to "the human cancer virus" show a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of the disease. The claims made about them concerning microscopy show a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of viruses and microscopes.
Let's be clear on the matter - Rife machines are evil in that they offer false hope to desperate people who pay money they can ill afford on a treatment that won't help them. There may well be a placebo effect in some cases, but the use of Rife machines has been blamed for the deaths of cancer patients who may well have been cured by conventional therapy (Hills, Ben (2000-12-30). "Cheating Death". Sydney Morning Herald. to give but one of many examples)

Thaat was very serious and sensible wasn't it?

After tht little outburst we rallieed the troops and set off to Gillingham where the monthly cachers meet-up was taking place. Rather than hunting tupperware I got chatting with fellow hunters of tupperware. Time flew (almost as fast as the ale flew down my throat), and suddenly I realised we were two hours late for "Stargazing Live".
We arrived half way through procedings, suitably anaesthetised, and made the most of what was left of the evening. A clear night made for opportunity for telescopes; the chili potatoes were good.

Next year hopefully the two events won't co-incide...

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